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Forward to the FastTIMES Special Issue on Contaminant Geophysics


Werkema, Dale. Forward to the FastTIMES Special Issue on Contaminant Geophysics. FastTIMES. Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society, Denver, CO, 25(2):30, (2020).


This is the forward to the Special issue on geophysics applied to contaminant studies for the technical magazine, FastTIMES, published by the Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS)


Greetings FastTIMES readers and welcome to this Special Issue on Geophysics Applied to Contaminant Studies. Our planet and our physical, biological, and societal dynamics are undergoing a significant recalibration to hopefully a more peaceful, healthy, equitable, just, and sustainable future. Just as weather patterns and storms are the result of atmospheric energy equilibration and ocean currents and waves are in a constant state of seeking equilibrium, with a concerted effort from our scientific community and other like-minded individuals, I hope these sectors of our life and this planet will move to a more peaceful state of justice and sustainability for ours and future generations. This process is, in fact, the underlying goal of contaminant studies culminating in complete remediation and protection of our natural resources for our utility and life sustaining properties. As much of contaminant remediation is to protect our planet’s unique life supporting water resources, this Special Issue of FastTIMES includes a sampling of our science’s contribution to this process.

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