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How Does Flooding Impact Superfund Sites Now and in the Future?


Tang, C. AND V. Garcia. How Does Flooding Impact Superfund Sites Now and in the Future? AMS 2022, Virtual, TX, January 23 - 27, 2022.


This project will quantify the impacts of extreme flooding (extent, flow volume/velocity, frequency/duration, and populations) at Superfund sites most vulnerable to extreme flooding.  The goal of this project is to provide decision-makers with information to prioritize remediation of Superfund sites based on their vulnerability to extensive flooding (beyond FEMA-defined flood plains) from major storm events.


Superfund sites represent some of the most contaminated environments in the US and typically require long-term cleanup lasting decades.  Out of 1330 Superfund sites in the US, over three hundred are in danger of flooding, potentially placing millions of Americans living near these sites at additional risk.  In recent years, the frequency and severity of extreme flooding has increased, and over 50% of historical extreme floods have occurred outside of FEMA-designated flood zones.  In this project, we will evaluate the effect and risk of flooding at Superfund sites vulnerable to flooding beyond what has previously been done by FEMA and other institutions.  Our capability to dynamically model extreme flooding events will fill-in needed information on the extent of extreme floods, the volume and velocity of water flow, the frequency and duration of the floods, and impacted communities that live within and outside of associated flood plains.  The data and maps delivered as part of this project will provide key screening level information to communities, developers, local governments, and other potential site users that was not previously available.

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