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Retinoid Signaling in Skeletal Development: Scoping the System for Predictive Toxicology


Knudsen, T. AND Nancy C. Baker. Retinoid Signaling in Skeletal Development: Scoping the System for Predictive Toxicology. OECD Expert Group Meeting on Retinoid Pathway Signaling, Paris, N/A, FRANCE, November 11 - 15, 2019.


Two invited talks to be presented at the OECD Retinoid Pathway face-to-face meeting, as part of a working draft annex for a detailed review paper (DRP project 4.93) on that subject for evaluating potential test guideline strategies for IATA/DA approach methods (NAMs).


The draft Detailed Review Paper (DRP) on the Retinoid Signaling Pathway is the result of OECD project 4.93 added to the Test Guidelines Programme work plan in 2015, led by Sweden and the European Commission. The objectives of the project include a review of the biology of retinoid signaling pathway, as well as retinoid-mediated effects on various organ systems. An additional objective of the project was to identify relevant in vitro and ex vivo assays for development and in vivo endpoints that could be added to existing test guidelines (TGs) and could identify chemical effects on retinoid pathway signaling. The status of the project was discussed at meetings of the Endocrine Testing and Assessment Advisory Group (EDTA) in 2017 and 2018. Additionally, the European Commission convened a 2017 workshop to identify gaps in current OECD TGs and prioritize new assays to bridge the gaps, where attendees identified the development of retinoid pathway assays and endpoints for inclusion in OECD TGs as a high priority. During EDTA discussions, the Advisory Group recommended initially focusing on the organ systems with more information on retinoid effects: the female reproductive, male reproductive, central nervous, and skeletal systems. At the 2018 EDTA meeting, Sweden presented drafts of a chapter reviewing the overall biology of the retinoid pathway and a chapter focused on retinoid effects on female reproduction. With input from an independent expert group, Sweden has prepared these sections, along with a chapter on male reproduction to be included in a Nordic Chemicals Report and this DRP. The European Commission supported the drafting of chapters evaluating retinoid effects on the central nervous system and skeletal/craniofacial development. These sections have been prepared by subject matter expert consultants (skeletal/craniofacial/system - Knudsen/Baker). The presentations provide a status update of this annex.


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