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Rapid Benefit Indicators (RBI) Spatial Analysis Tools


Bousquin, J., M. Mazzotta, AND W. Berry. Rapid Benefit Indicators (RBI) Spatial Analysis Tools. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/540/C-17/001, 2017.


Ecosystem restoration can reestablish ecosystem services that provide valuable social and environmental benefits. Characterizing the benefits and identifying who will benefit from restoration allows decisions makers to prioritize restorations that will provide the most benefit to the greatest number of people. This toolset uses various user defined spatial datasets to assess a user’s wetland restoration sites based on indicators from the Rapid Benefit Indicators (RBI) approach. The python based toolset works within ArcGIS to characterize various metrics within area spatially relevant to each wetland restoration site under consideration. The toolset can be used to summarize indicators for each wetland restoration site into a single pdf report that resembles the RBI summary sheet that results from the RBI Checklist Tools.


The Rapid Benefit Indicators (RBI) approach consists of five steps and is outlined in Assessing the Benefits of Wetland Restoration - A Rapid Benefits Indicators Approach for Decision Makers. This spatial analysis tool is intended to be used to analyze existing spatial information to get metrics for many of the indicators developed in that guide. The tool manual gives you directions on the mechanics of the tool and its data requirements, but does not detail the reasoning behind the indicators and how to use results of the assessment as the guide does.

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