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Toxic Substances Control Act Test Submissions (TSCATS) is an online index to unpublished, nonconfidential studies covering chemical testing results and adverse effects of chemicals on health and ecological systems. The studies are submitted by U.S. industry to EPA under several sections of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). There are four types of documents in the database: Section 4 chemical testing results, Section 8(d) health and safety studies, Section 8(e) substantial risk of injury to health or the environment notices, and voluntary documents submitted to EPA known as a For Your Information (FYI) notice. It includes chemical exposure studies, epidemiology, environmental fate, monitoring, episodic incidents, such as spills and case reports.Studies are indexed under three broad categories: health effects, ecological effects and environmental fate. A TSCATS record also includes: the chemical name, CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) Registry Number . A select number of studies also have abstracts.

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