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Effects of Holding Time, Storage, and the Preservation of Samples on Sample Integrity for the Detection of Fecal Indicator Bacteria by Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR)-based assays.


1) Develop and evaluate qPCR assays and test methods for the detection and quantification of genetic markers from indicator bacteria that are associated with human fecal waste and from two new groups of general fecal indicator bacteria (E. coli and Clostridia) that historically have been widely used or are favored in specific regions 2) Determine the occurrence and densities of genetic markers detected by new qPCR assays developed under objective 1 and compare with occurrence and densities of genetic markers detected by previously developed qPCR assays for enterococci and total Bacterioidalesin waste waters and fecal material from different animal sources. 3) Determine stability of fecal indicator bacteria target DNA sequences in freezer archived filter retentates of ambient surface water samples 4) Determine the densities of human and general fecal indicator markers in a wide range of surface and recreational waters including archived samples from previous NEEAR studies.

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