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Wildfire Smoke and Health Risk Communication Workshop: Workshop Report, March10th, 2017
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Mar 17, 2017]
The EPA’s ACE research program and Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS) co-sponsored a “Wildfire Smoke Health Risk Management and Communication Workshop” with the goal to identify opportunities for research and technological solutions that could ...
Climate Change and Social Vulnerability in the United States: A Focus on Six Impacts
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Sep 02, 2021]
Across the U.S., some individuals and communities are more susceptible to disproportionate harm from climate change due to differences in exposure and vulnerability to climate hazards. This report investigates the projected risks of climate change to socially vulnerable populatio...
Comparative Assessment of the Impacts of Prescribed Fire Versus Wildfire (CAIF): A Case Study in the Western U.S. (Peer Review Draft)
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Sep 30, 2021]
This report will provide a better understanding of the health and environmental impacts, specifically pertaining to smoke, of prescribed fire and wildfire.
User’s Guide for the Fertilizer Emission Scenario Tool for CMAQ (FEST-C) Version 1.4
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Sep 20, 2018]
The Fertilizer Emission Scenario Tool for CMAQ (FEST-C v1.4) is a Java-based interface system that facilitates the integration of agriculture, atmosphere, and hydrology simulations at large scales through the current release of the Spatial Allocator (SA v4.3.2) Raster Tools syste...
Key Earth System Science Challenges Related to Climate Change and Air Pollution
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Jan 19, 2018]
Climate change and air pollution are arguably the most significant environmental problems facing the United States and the world over the next decade. There is an urgent need to dramatically curtail emissions of greenhouse gases, including powerful short-lived forcers such as met...
City-based Optimization Model for Energy Technologies:COMET- New York City Documentation
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Mar 24, 2020]
EPA/ORD developed City-based Optimization Model for Energy Technologies (COMET) which is designed to examine energy consumption and management scenarios under various environmental policy scenarios implemented at city- and state-level. Initial application of the COMET is piloted ...
Climate Change Impacts on Human Health Due to Changes in Ambient Ozone Concentrations (External Review Draft)
This report uses results from a previous report titled <em>Assessment of the Impacts of Global Change on Regional U.S. Air Quality: A Synthesis of Climate Change Impacts on Ground-Level Ozone</em>, a number of high-resolution, spatially explicit population projections developed ...
Advancing Understanding of Emissions from Oil and Natural Gas Production Operations to Support EPA’s Air Quality Modeling of Ozone Non-Attainment Areas; Final Summary Report
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Sep 27, 2016]
Executive Summary Environmentally responsible development of oil and gas assets requires well-developed emissions inventories and measurement techniques to verify emissions and the effectiveness of control strategies. To accurately model the oil and gas sector impacts on air qual...
Evaluating the Air Quality, Climate and Economic Impacts of Biogas Management Technologies
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Sep 05, 2016]
Anaerobic digestion is a natural biological process in which microorganisms break down organic materials in the absence of oxygen. When anaerobic microbes metabolize organic waste – i.e., the carbon-based remains of plants, animals and their waste products, e.g. animal manure, se...
Updates to the Demographic and Spatial Allocation Models to Produce Integrated Climate and Land Use Scenarios (ICLUS) (Version 2) (External Review Draft)
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Feb 23, 2015]
EPA announced the availability of the draft report, <em>Updates to the Demographic and Spatial Allocation Models to Produce Integrated Climate and Land Use Scenarios (ICLUS)</em> for a 30-day public comment period. The ICLUS version 2 (v2) modeling tool furthered land change mod...
Updates To The Demographic And Spatial Allocation Models To Produce Integrated Climate And Land Use Scenarios (Iclus) (Final Report, Version 2)
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Jul 27, 2016]
EPA's announced the availability of the final report, <em>Updates to the Demographic and Spatial Allocation Models to Produce Integrated Climate and Land Use Scenarios (ICLUS)</em> (Version 2). This update furthered land change modeling by providing nationwide housing developmen...
Moisture Control Guidance for Commercial and Public Buildings (EPA 402-F-13053)
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Dec 31, 2013]
This document provides guidance to designers, construction mangers, and building operation/maintenance managers to improve IEQ and reduce risks of encountering IEQ problems due to insufficient moisture control. EPA will be producing a document entitled "Moisture Control Guida...
Peer Review of March 2013 LDV Rebound Report By Small and Hymel
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Jul 31, 2015]
The regulatory option of encouraging the adoption of advanced technologies for improving vehicle efficiency can result in significant fuel savings and GHG emissions benefits. At the same time, it is possible that some of these benefits might be offset by additional driving that i...
Peer Review of EPA’s HD Greenhouse Gas Emission Model (GEM) Phase II
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Jul 31, 2016]
External Letter Peer Review of EPA’s Heavy-Duty Greenhouse Gas Emission Model (GEM) Phase II tool
Carbon Offset Forestry: Forecasting Ecosystem Effects (COFFEE) Project Implementation Plan
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Sep 15, 2010]
COFFEE will evaluate the environmental impacts of implementing various COF practices by using the amount of total ecosystem C (TEC) sequestered in forests as the integrative response metric. These evaluations will be done for current-climate and future-climate scenarios and will...
Emission Factor for Tropical Peatlands Drained for Palm Oil Cultivation
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Dec 31, 2014]
Emission Factor for Tropical Peatlands Drained for Palm Oil Cultivation
A Review of the Impact of Climate Variability and Change on Aeroallergens and Their Associated Effects on Human Morbidity and Mortality in the U.S. (External Review Draft)
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Dec 19, 2006]
EPA has released for public comment a draft report entitled, <i>A Review of the Impact of Climate Variability and Change on Aeroallergens and their Associated Effects</i>. This draft report is a survey of the current state of scientific knowledge of the potential impacts of clim...
Assessment of the Impacts of Global Change on Regional U.S. Air Quality (External Review Draft)
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Jul 10, 2008]
<p>This report was prepared by the Global Change Research Program (GCRP) in the National Center for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) of the Office of Research and Development (ORD) at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is intended for managers and scientists worki...
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Apr 01, 2014]
The evolution of the energy system in the United States is an important factor in future environmental outcomes including air quality and climate change. Given this, decision makers need to understand how a changing energy landscape will impact future air quality and contribute ...
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Aug 31, 2012]
Analysis of the potential to reduce light-duty vehicle mass through the application of low density or high strength materials, component consolidation, and changes to vehicle architecture.
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Sep 30, 2006]
This report provides a general overview of EPA’s national MARKAL database and energy systems model and compares various scenarios to a business as usual baseline scenario. Under baseline assumptions, total electricity use increases 1.3% annually until 2030. Annual growth in ele...
Assessing the Multiple Benefits of Clean Energy: A Resource for States
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Feb 01, 2010]
Clean energy provides multiple benefits. The Multiple Benefits Guide provides an overview of the environmental, energy system and economic benefits of clean energy, specifically energy efficiency, renewable energy and clean distributed generation, and why it is important to thin...
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Mar 14, 2008]
This report quantifies the energy security benefits associated with reduced oil imports due to programs and policies.
Study of Vehicle Choice Models for Estimating Impacts of Fuel Economy Regulations
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Mar 30, 2010]
Study and review of consumer vehicle choice models and how consumers vehicle choices impact fuel economy.
Summary Report for the Workshop on Integrating Climate Change Adaption into Air Quality Decision Making
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Mar 31, 2008]
Over the past few decades, air quality planners have forecasted future air pollution levels based on information about changing emissions from stationary and mobile sources, population trends, transportation demand, natural sources of emissions, and other pressures on air quality...