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Tough places and safe spaces: can refuges save salmon from a warming climate?
(JOURNAL) [Published : Nov 09, 2022]
The importance of thermal refuges in a rapidly warming world are particularly evident for migratory species, where individuals encounter a wide range of conditions throughout their lives. Thermal refuges are believed to be particularly valuable for species such as Pacific salmon,...
Using Carbon, Nitrogen, and Mercury Isotope Values to Distinguish Mercury Sources to Alaskan Lake Trout
(JOURNAL) [Published : Apr 12, 2022]
Lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush), collected from 13 remote lakes located in southwestern Alaska, were analyzed for carbon, nitrogen, and mercury (Hg) stable isotope values to assess the importance of migrating oceanic salmon, volcanic activity, and atmospheric deposition to fish...
Persistence of the Swiss Needle Cast Outbreak in Oregon Coastal Douglas-fir, and New Insights from Research and Monitoring
(JOURNAL) [Published : Jul 01, 2021]
Swiss needle cast (SNC), caused by Nothophaeocryptopus gaeumannii, is a foliage disease of Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii), that reduces growth in native and exotic plantations worldwide. An outbreak began in coastal Oregon in the mid-1990’s and has persisted since that...
Spatial Quantile Regression for Data With Smooth Density Functions
(JOURNAL) [Published : Jul 01, 2021]
We derive the properties and demonstrate the desirability of a model-based method for estimating the spatially varying effects of covariates on a quantile function. By modeling the quantile function as a combination of I-spline basis functions and Pareto tail distributions, we al...
Rates and Yields of Unimolecular Reactions Producing Highly Oxidized Peroxy Radicals in the OH-Induced Autoxidation of α-Pinene, β-Pinene, and Limonene
(JOURNAL) [Published : Jan 13, 2022]
Recent ambient atmospheric measurements have detected highly oxygenated organic molecules (HOMs) at many sites and are a consequence of autoxidation processes occurring at ambient temperatures. Monoterpenes in particular have a propensity to autoxidize although they exhibit a wid...
Anaerobic digestate management, environmental impacts, and techno-economic challenges
(JOURNAL) [Published : Mar 01, 2022]
Digestate is a nutrient-rich by-product from organic waste anaerobic digestion but can contribute to nutrient pollution without comprehensive management strategies. Some nutrient pollution impacts include harmful algal blooms, hypoxia, and eutrophication. This contribution explor...
Nitrogen and phosphorus cycling in an ombrotrophic peatland: A benchmark for assessing change
(JOURNAL) [Published : Jul 17, 2021]
This work will provide a baseline for nutrient cycling and budgets in the SPRUCE bog in which all future studies can be compared to.
Monthly River Temperature Trends Across the US Confound Annual Changes
(JOURNAL) [Published : Sep 16, 2021]
Climate variations and human modifications of the water cycle continue to alter the Earth's surface water and energy exchanges. It is therefore critical to ascertain how these changes impact water quality and aquatic ecosystem habitat metrics such as river temperatures. Though ri...
Evaluating long-term emission impacts of large-scale electric vehicle deployment in the US using a human-Earth systems model
(JOURNAL) [Published : Oct 15, 2021]
While large-scale adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) globally would reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) and traditional air pollutant emissions from the transportation sector, emissions from the electric sector, refineries, and potentially other sources would change in response. Here, a...
A modified eco-efficiency framework and methodology for advancing the state of practice of sustainability analysis as applied to green infrastructure
(JOURNAL) [Published : Sep 01, 2017]
We propose a modified eco-efficiency (EE) framework and novel sustainability analysis methodology for green infrastructure (GI) practices used in water resource management. Green infrastructure practices such as rainwater harvesting (RWH), rain gardens, porous pavements, and gree...
Detection Limits of Optical Gas Imaging for Natural Gas Leak Detection in Realistic Controlled Conditions August 2020
(JOURNAL) [Published : Sep 15, 2020]
Increasing production of natural gas has driven interest in identifying and reducing emissions of methane, the primary component of natural gas and a powerful greenhouse gas. Optical gas imaging (OGI) is commonly utilized as a leak detection method in the upstream and midstream s...
Environmental and Cost Benefits of Co-Digesting Food Waste at Wastewater Treatment Facilities - journal article
(JOURNAL) [Published : Jul 15, 2020]
The wastewater industry is in the midst of a paradigm shift from focusing solely on treatment to incorporating concepts aimed at mitigating environmental impacts such as energy and nutrient recovery and water reuse. This study uses life cycle assessment and life cycle cost analys...
Toward Indicators of the Performance of US Infrastructures under Climate Change Risks
(JOURNAL) [Published : Nov 25, 2020]
Built infrastructures are increasingly disrupted by climate-related extreme events. Being able to monitor what climate change implies for US infrastructures is of considerable importance to all levels of decision-makers. A capacity to develop cross-cutting, widely applicable indi...
Onsite Non-potable Reuse for Large Buildings: Environmental and Economic Suitability as a Function of Building Characteristics and Location
(JOURNAL) [Published : Mar 01, 2021]
Onsite non-potable reuse (NPR) is a way for buildings to conserve water using onsite sources for uses like toilet flushing, laundry and irrigation. Although early case study results are promising, aspects like system suitability, cost and environmental performance remain difficul...
Comparison of EPIC-simulated and MODIS-derived Leaf Area Index (LAI) across multiple spatial scales
(JOURNAL) [Published : Aug 26, 2020]
Modeled leaf area index (LAI) in conjunction with satellite-derived LAI data streams may be used to support various regional and local scale air quality models for retrospective and future meteorological assessments. The Environmental Policy Integrated Climate (EPIC) model holds ...
Diets Enriched with Coconut, Fish, and Olive Oil Modify Peripheral Metabolic Effects of Ozone in Rats
(JOURNAL) [Published : Jan 01, 2021]
Dietary factors may modulate metabolic effects of air pollutant exposures. We hypothesized that diets enriched with coconut oil (CO), fish oil (FO), or olive oil (OO) would alter ozone-induced metabolic responses. Male Wistar-Kyoto rats (1-month-old) were fed normal diet (ND), or...
Factors influencing carbon stocks and accumulation rates in eelgrass meadows across New England, USA
(JOURNAL) [Published : Dec 01, 2020]
Increasing the protection of coastal vegetated ecosystems has been suggested as one strategy to compensate for increasing carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere as the capacity of these habitats to sequester and store carbon exceeds that of terrestrial habitats. Seagrasses are a ...
Environmental and cost benefits of co-digesting food waste at wastewater treatment facilities
(JOURNAL) [Published : Jul 15, 2020]
The wastewater industry is undergoing a paradigm shift from focusing solely on treatment to incorporating concepts aimed at mitigating environmental impacts such as energy and nutrient recovery and water reuse. This study uses life cycle assessment and life cycle cost analysis to...
Mutagenicity- and Pollutant-Emission Factors of Pellet-Fueled Gasifier Cookstoves: Comparison with Other Combustion Sources
(JOURNAL) [Published : Oct 15, 2020]
Emissions from solid-fuel burning cookstoves are associated with 3 to 4 million premature deaths annually and contribute significantly to climate-forcing. Pellet-fueled gasifier stoves have some emission factors (EFs) approaching those of gas-fuel stoves; however, their emissions...
Evaluation of performance of household solar cookers
(JOURNAL) [Published : Sep 15, 2020]
Household solar cookers were evaluated according to ASAE (American Society of Agricultural Engineers) Standard S580.1 – Testing and Reporting Solar Cooker Performance. Per ASAE S580.1, standardized cooking power at a temperature difference of 50°C between ambient air a...
A proof of concept study for wastewater reuse using bioelectrochemical processes combined with complementary post-treatment technologies
(JOURNAL) [Published : Jun 24, 2019]
This article describes a proof-of-concept study designed for the reuse of wastewater using microbial electrochemical cells (MECs) combined with complementary post-treatment technologies. This study mainly focused on how the integrated approach works effectively for wastewater reu...
Modeling and Controls Development of 48V Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles
(JOURNAL) [Published : Apr 03, 2018]
The Advanced Light-Duty Powertrain and Hybrid Analysis tool (ALPHA) was created by EPA to evaluate the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions of Light-Duty (LD) vehicles. It is a physics-based, forward-looking, full vehicle computer simulator capable of analyzing various vehicle types c...
Evaluating the Performance of Household Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cookstoves
(JOURNAL) [Published : Dec 15, 2017]
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cookstoves are considered to be an important solution for mitigating household air pollution; however, their performance has rarely been evaluated. To fill the data and knowledge gaps in this important area, laboratory tests (number of tests: 89) wer...
Light absorption of secondary organic aerosol: Composition and contribution of nitro-aromatic compounds
(JOURNAL) [Published : Oct 17, 2017]
Secondary organic aerosol (SOA) might affect the atmospheric radiation balance through absorbing light at shorter visible and UV wavelengths. However, the composition and optical properties of light-absorbing SOA is poorly understood. In this work, SOA filter samples were collect...
Modeling and Validation of 48V Mild Hybrid Lithium-ion Battery Pack
(JOURNAL) [Published : Apr 03, 2018]
As part of the Midterm Evaluation of the 2017-2025 Light-duty Vehicle Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Standards, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed simulation models for studying the effectiveness of 48V mild hybrid technology for reducing CO2 emissions from light-duty...