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Fritz, K., G. Pond, B. Johnson, AND C. Barton. Ephemeral tributaries functionally connected to a Central Appalachian stream through asynchronicity of flow and particulate organic matter input. 2018 Universities Council on Water Resources, Pittsburgh, PA, June 26 - 28, 2018.
Lazorchak, Jim, J. Hoffman, M. Mills, K. Fritz, Greg Peterson, M. Pearson, T. Angradi, D. Walters, M. Elliott, S. Janssen, J. DeWild, D. Krabbenhoft, AND E. Pilgrim. Assessing the suitability of the Bad River as a reference system for the St Louis River AOC using geochemistry, biotic condition of macroinvertebrates and bioaccumulation of mercury. 2018 SETAC NA Annual Meeting, Sacramento, California, November 04 - 08, 2018.
Burke, R., K. Fritz, AND B. Johnson. Impacts of mountaintop removal coal mining on carbon and nitrogen cycling in West Virginia headwater streams. 6th Interagency Conference on Research in the Watersheds, Sheperdstown, West Virginia, July 23 - 27, 2018.
Otter, R., D. Walters, Jim Lazorchak, K. Fritz, AND M. Mills. PCB export at the lower Ottawa River (Maumee River AOC): A pre- and post-dredging analysis of sediment, passive samplers, aquatic invertebrates, and riparian spiders. Presented at SETAC North American 39th Annual Meeting, Sacramento, CA, November 04 - 08, 2018.
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Lazorchak, Jim, K. Fritz, J. Meier, H. Haring, R. Yeardley, M. Mills, P. Wernsing, D. Walters, R. Otter, B. Armstrong, AND J. Kraus. Assessing remediation of contaminated sediments on the Ottawa River using chemical and biological endpoints (Big Rivers Ecology Course). Big Rivers Ecology Course, Thomas More Field Station, KY, July 30, 2018.
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Hintz, C., T. Newcomer-Johnson, K. Fritz, AND I. Buffam. How is a stream impacted by burial? Examining the spatial variation within urban buried streams in Cincinnati, OH. Annual Meeting of the Society for Freshwater Science, Detroit, Michigan, May 20 - 24, 2018.
Arango, C., J. Beaulieu, K. Fritz, B. Hill, C. Elonen, M. Pennino, P. Mayer, S. Kaushal, AND D. Balz. Urban infrastructure influences dissolved organic matter quality and bacterial metabolism in an urban stream network. FRESHWATER BIOLOGY. John Wiley & Sons Inc, Malden, MA, 62(11):1917-1928, (2017).
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Lazorchak, Jim, K. Fritz, R. Yeardley, J. Meier, M. Mills, P. Wernsing, H. Haring, D. Walters, J. Kraus, AND B. Armstrong. Assessing the effectiveness of remediation of contaminated sediments in the Ottawa River Segment of the Maumee Great Lakes Area of Concern (AOC) using biological endpoints: toxicity, food web tissue contamination, biotic condition and DNA damage. UC Biology Department of Biology Seminar Series, Cincinnati, Ohio, March 05, 2018.
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Nadeau, Tracie-Lynn, Scott G. Leibowitz, P. Wigington, Jr., Joseph L. Ebersole, Ken M. Fritz, R. Coulombe, Randy L. Comeleo, AND Karen A. Blocksom. Validation of rapid assessment methods to determine streamflow duration classes in the Pacific Northwest, USA. ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT. Springer-Verlag, New York, NY, 56:34-53, (2015).
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Lazorchak, Jim, J. Meier, K. Fritz, H. Haring, M. Mills, P. Wernsing, D. Walters, J. Kraus, AND B. Armstrong. Assessing remediation of contaminated sediments using multiple biological endpoints: sediment toxicity, food web tissue contamination, biotic condition and DNA damage. SETAC World Congress, Orlando, FL, November 06 - 10, 2016.
BEAULIEU, J., P. MAYER, S. S. Kaushal, M. J. Pennino, C. P. Arango, D. A. Balz, T. J. CANFIELD, C. M. ELONEN, K. M. FRITZ, B. H. Hill, H. RYU, AND J. W. SANTO-DOMINGO. Effects of urban stream burial on organic matter dynamics and reach scale nitrate retention - final. BIOGEOCHEMISTRY. Springer, New York, NY, 121(1):107-126, (2014).
Lazorchak, Jim, J. Meier, K. Fritz, M. Mills, P. Wernsing, H. Haring, D. Walters, J. Kraus, AND B. Armstrong. Using a weight of evidence approach for assessing remediation of contaminated sediments using biological indicators, food web tissue contamination, biotic condition and DNA damage. SETAC Europe, Nantes, FRANCE, May 22 - 26, 2016.
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Fritz, K. Characterizing hydrologic permanence in headwater streams. Invited seminar Virginia Tech University Stream Team, Blacksburg, VA, April 29, 2016.