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Characterizing Ohio River NOM Variability and Reconstituted-Lyophilized NOM as a Source Surrogate
(JOURNAL) [Published : Jan 01, 2017]
Surface water contains natural organic matter (NOM) that reacts with disinfectants creating disinfection byproducts (DBPs), some of which are USEPA regulated contaminants. Characterizing NOM can provide insight with respect to DBP formation and water treatment process adaptation...
Characterizing the Organic Matter in Surface Sediments from the San Juan Bay Estuary,
(PRESENTATION) [Presented : Jun 05, 2017]
The San Juan Bay Estuary (SJBE) is located on the north coast of Puerto Rico and includes the San Juan Bay, San José Lagoon, La Torrecilla Lagoon and Piñones Lagoon, as well as the Martín Peña and the Suárez Canals. The SJBE watershed has the highest...
Characterizing the impact of projected changes in climate and air quality on human exposures to ozone
(JOURNAL) [Published : Jun 01, 2017]
The impact of climate change on human and environmental health is of critical concern. Population exposures to air pollutants both indoors and outdoors are influenced by a wide range of air quality, meteorological, behavioral, and housing-related factors, many of which are also i...
Chemical transport model simulations of organic aerosol in southern California: model evaluation and gasoline and diesel source contributions
(JOURNAL) [Published : Mar 30, 2017]
Gasoline- and diesel-fueled engines are ubiquitous sources of air pollution in urban environments. They emit both primary particulate matter and precursor gases that react to form secondary particulate matter in the atmosphere. In this work, we updated the organic aerosol module ...
Climate change impacts on projections of excess mortality at 2030 using spatially varying ozone-temperature
(JOURNAL) [Published : Jan 18, 2017]
We project the change in ozone-related mortality burden attributable to changes in climate between a historical (1995-2005) and near-future (2025-2035) time period while incorporating a non-linear and synergistic effect of ozone and temperature on mortality. We simulate air quali...
Climate impacts on connectivity of snowmelt to flow in the Willamette River using water stable isotopes
(PRESENTATION) [Presented : May 03, 2017]
Much of the water that people in Western Oregon rely on comes from snowpack in the Cascade Range, and this snowpack is expected to decrease in coming years with climate change. In fact, the past 6 years have shown dramatic variation in snowpack, from a high of 174% of normal in ...
Community vulnerability to health impacts of wildland fire smoke exposure
(JOURNAL) [Published : Jun 20, 2017]
Identifying communities vulnerable to adverse health effects from exposure to wildfire smoke may help prepare responses, increase the resilience to smoke and improve public health outcomes during smoke days. We developed a Community Health-Vulnerability Index (CHVI) based on fact...
Considerations in linking energy scenario modeling and Life Cycle Analysis
(PRESENTATION) [Presented : Aug 18, 2017]
The U.S. EPA Office of Research and Development (ORD) has been exploring approaches for estimating U.S. anthropogenic air pollutant emissions through the mid-21st century. As a result, we have developed the Emission Scenario Projection methodology, or ESP. In this document, we pr...
Contrasting Decadal-Scale Changes in Elevation and Vegetation in Two Long Island Sound Salt Marshes
(JOURNAL) [Published : May 01, 2017]
Northeastern US salt marshes face multiple co-stressors, including accelerating rates of relative sea level rise (RSLR), elevated nutrient inputs, and low sediment supplies. In order to evaluate how marsh surface elevations respond to such factors, we used surface elevation table...
Coupling Computer-Aided Process Simulation and Estimations of Emissions and Land Use for Rapid Life Cycle Inventory Modeling
(JOURNAL) [Published : Mar 20, 2017]
A methodology is described for developing a gate-to-gate life cycle inventory (LCI) of a chemical manufacturing process to support the application of life cycle assessment in the design and regulation of sustainable chemicals. The inventories were derived by first applying proces...
Cross-scale interactions affect tree growth and intrinsic water use efficiency and highlight the importance of spatial context in managing forests under global change
(JOURNAL) [Published : Sep 01, 2017]
1. We investigated the potential of cross-scale interactions to affect the outcome of density reduction in a large-scale silvicultural experiment. 2. We measured tree growth and intrinsic water-use efficiency (iWUE) based on stable carbon isotopes (13C) to investigate the...
Decision Support System for Aquifer Recharge (AR) and Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Planning, Design, and Evaluation - Principles and Technical Basis
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Feb 20, 2017]
Aquifer recharge (AR) is a technical method being utilized to enhance groundwater resources through man-made replenishment means, such as infiltration basins and injections wells. Aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) furthers the AR techniques by withdrawal of stored groundwater at...
Detecting spatial regimes in ecosystems
(JOURNAL) [Published : Jan 01, 2017]
Research on early warning indicators has generally focused on assessing temporal transitions with limited application of these methods to detecting spatial regimes. Traditional spatial boundary detection procedures that result in ecoregion maps are typically based on ecological ...
Developing an educational curriculum for EnviroAtlas
(PRESENTATION) [Presented : Mar 15, 2017]
EnviroAtlas is a web-based tool developed by the EPA and its partners, which provides interactive tools and resources for users to explore the benefits that people receive from nature, often referred to as ecosystem goods and services.Ecosystem goods and services are important to...
Developing stressor-watershed function relationships to refine the national maps of watershed integrity
(PRESENTATION) [Presented : Aug 11, 2017]
Abstract ESA 2017Developing stressor-watershed function relationships to refine the national maps of watershed integrityJohnson, Z.C., S.G. Leibowitz, and R.A. Hill. To be submitted to the Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Portland, OR. August 2017.Human-induced ecolo...
Development of a Climate Resilience Screening Index (CRSI) and its potential for application in the U.S. - Conference Abstract
(PRESENTATION) [Presented : Jan 19, 2017]
A Climate Resilience Screening Index is being developed that is applicable at multiple scales for the United States. Those scales include national, state, county and community. The index will be applied at the first three scales and at selected communities. The index was devel...
EPA’s EnviroAtlas: Identifying Nature’s benefits, deficits, and opportunities for equitable distribution to support public health
(PRESENTATION) [Presented : Apr 05, 2017]
Cities, towns, and Tribes rely on clean air, water and other natural resources for public health and well-being. Yet natural infrastructure and its benefits are not always fully understood or considered in local decisions. EnviroAtlas is a free, online, easy-to-use mapping tool...
EPA's Sustainable Port Communities: Anticipating Changes in Exposures and a Proposal to Facilitate Resilience through Knowledge Flows (MTS Workshop May 2017)
(PRESENTATION) [Presented : May 25, 2017]
Port Communities Face Many Challenges: • Climate change – Sea Level Rise, Extreme Events: “Assets” become Vulnerabilities; Nuisance flooding; Changes in waste water and stormwater capacity; Changes in near-shore ecology and water quality • Port Exp...
Ecological differences influence the thermal sensitivity of swimming performance of two co-occurring mysid shrimp species with climate change implications
(JOURNAL) [Published : Feb 01, 2017]
Temperature strongly affects performance in ectotherms. As ocean warming continues, performance of marine species will be impacted. Many studies have focused on how warming will impact physiology, life history, and behavior, but few studies have investigated how ecological and be...
Ecosystem Services Deserve Better than “Dirty Paper”
(JOURNAL) [Published : Mar 28, 2017]
This letter presents our rationale for promoting pluralism in methods to capture peoples values associated with changes in ecosystems services, some of which do not involve monetization.
Education modules using EnviroAtlas
(PRESENTATION) [Presented : Jul 13, 2017]
Proposal #1: Exploration and Discovery through Maps: Teaching Science with Technology (Elementary)Online maps have the power to bring students closer to their local natural environments. EnviroAtlas is an interactive, web-based tool that was designed by the EPA and its partners ...
Effects of urban green space on environmental health, equity, and resilience
(BOOK CHAPTER) [Published : Sep 02, 2017]
Modern urban life style is associated with chronic stress, insufficient physical activity and exposure to anthropogenic environmental hazards. Urban green space, such as parks, playgrounds, and residential greenery, can promote mental and physical health and reduce morbidity and ...
EnviroAtlas Connects Urban Ecosystem Services and Human Well-Being
(PRESENTATION) [Presented : Jan 26, 2017]
Ecosystem services in urban areas can improve public health and well-being by mitigating natural and anthropogenic pollution, and by promoting healthy lifestyles that include engagement with nature and enhanced opportunities for physical activity and social interaction. EPA&rsqu...
Environmental effects of ozone depletion and its interactions with climate change: Progress report, 2016
(JOURNAL) [Published : Jan 26, 2017]
When considering the effects of climate change, it has become clear that processes resulting in changes in stratospheric ozone are more complex than previously believed. As a result of this, human health and environmental issues will be longer-lasting and more regionally variable...