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Barros, N., N. Tulve, D. Heggem, AND K. Bailey. A Review of Stressors from the Built and Natural Environments Impacting American Indian Children’s Health and Well-Being. 2017 ISES Annual Meeting, Durham, NC, October 15 - 19, 2017.
Barros, N., L. Mckelvey, K. Bailey, AND N. Tulve. Air Pollutants and Ecological Conditions Around Schools on Tribal Lands. Presented at 2017 Children's Environmental Health Translational Research Conference, Washington, DC, April 05 - 07, 2017.
Barros, N. AND N. Tulve. Evaluating stressors and their influences on ecological conditions and American Indian children's health and well-being. North Carolina American Indian Health Board Meeting, Greensboro, NC, July 29, 2016.