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Schaeffer, B., J. Clark, J. Darling, E. Urquhart, AND R. Carlson. An approach to monitoring cyanobacteria blooms at surface drinking water intakes using satellite imagery (10th National Monitoring Conference). 10th National Monitoring Conference, Tampa, FL, May 02 - 06, 2016.
Clark, J., B. Schaeffer, J. Darling, E. Urquhart, JohnM Johnston, A. Ignatius, M. Myer, K. Loftin, J. Werdell, AND R. Stumpf. Satellite monitoring of cyanobacterial harmful algal bloom frequency in recreational waters and drinking water sources. ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS. Elsevier Science Ltd, New York, NY, 80:84-95, (2017).
Schaeffer, B., J. Clark, AND J. Darling. Cyanobacteria Assessment Network (CyAN). Presented at US EPA Region 8 HABs Meeting, Rapid City, SD, September 30 - October 01, 2015.