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Judd, L., J. Al-Saadi, L. Valin, R. Pierce, K. Yang, S. Janz, M. Kowalewski, Jim Szykman, M. Tiefengraber, AND M. Mueller. The Dawn of Geostationary Air Quality Monitoring: Case Studies From Seoul and Los Angeles. Frontiers in Environmental Science. Frontiers, Lausanne, Switzerland, 6:85, (2018).
Mathur, R., C. Hogrefe, A. Hakami, S. Zhao, Jim Szykman, AND G. Hagler. A Call for an Aloft Air Quality Monitoring Network: Need, Feasibility, and Potential Value. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY. American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 52(19):10903–10908, (2018).
Spinei, E., A. Whitehill, A. Fried, M. Tiefengraber, T. Knepp, S. Herndon, J. Herman, M. Muller, N. Abuhassan, A. Cede, D. Richter, J. Walega, J. Crawford, Jim Szykman, L. Valin, D. Williams, R. Long, R. Swap, Y. Lee, N. Nowak, AND B. Poche. The first evaluation of formaldehyde column observations by improved Pandora spectrometers during the KORUS-AQ field study. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. Copernicus Publications, Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany, 11(9):4943-4961, (2018).
Williams, R., Vasu Kilaru, T. Conner, A. Clements, M. Colon, M. Breen, J. Bash, R. Duvall, Jim Szykman, M. Landis, P. Solomon, S. Kaushik, D. Holland, R. Callan, G. Hagler, Sue Kimbrough, B. Gullett, A. Holder, A. Kaufman, S. Reece, AND S. Feinberg. New Paradigm for Air Pollution Monitoring: Emerging Sensor Technologies 2014-2018 Progress Report. To be Presented at ACE Webinar, Research Triangle Park, NC, April 30, 2018.
Knepp, T., Jim Szykman, R. Long, R. Duvall, J. Krug, M. Beaver, K. Cavender, K. Kronmiller, M. Wheeler, R. Delgado, R. Hoff, T. Berkoff, E. Olson, R. Clark, D. Wolfe, D. Van Gilst, AND D. Neil. Assessment of mixed-layer height estimation from single-wavelength ceilometer profiles. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. Copernicus Publications, Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany, 10:3963-3983, (2017).
Szykman, Jim, R. Long, R. Duvall, T. Knepp, M. Beaver, K. Cavender, R. Clarke, AND E. Olsen. The use of LIDAR Technology for Measuring Mixing Heights under the Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Program; leveraging research under the joint DISCOVER-AQ/FRAPPÉ Missions. EM: AIR AND WASTE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION'S MAGAZINE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGERS. Air & Waste Management Association, Pittsburgh, PA, , 1-7, (2016).
Crawford, J., J. Al-Saadi, G. Pierce, R. Long, Jim Szykman, J. Leitch, C. Nowlan, J. Herman, AND A. Weinheimer. Multi-perspective observations of NO2 over the Denver area during DISCOVER-AQ: Insights for future monitoring. EM: AIR AND WASTE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION'S MAGAZINE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGERS. Air & Waste Management Association, Pittsburgh, PA, , August, (2016).
Duvall, R., R. Long, M. Beaver, K. Kronmillwe, M. Wheeler, Jim Szykman, M. Silverman, AND J. Crawford. Performance Evaluation and Community Application of Low-Cost Sensors for Ozone and Nitrogen Dioxide. Sensors. MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland, 16(10):1698, (2016).
Nowlan, C., X. Lu, J. Leitch, K. Chance, G. González Abad, C. Lu, P. Zoogman, J. Cole, T. Delker, W. Good, F. Murcray, L. Ruppert, D. Soo, M. Follette-Cook, S. Janz, M. Kowalewski, C. Loughner, K. Pickering, J. Herman, M. Beaver, R. Long, Jim Szykman, L. Judd, P. Kelley, W. Luke, X. Ren, AND J. Al-Saadi. Nitrogen dioxide observations from the Geostationary Trace gas and Aerosol Sensor Optimization (GeoTASO) airborne instrument: Retrieval algorithm and measurements during DISCOVER-AQ Texas 2013. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. Copernicus Publications, Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany, 9(6):2647-2668, (2016).
Long, R., M. Beaver, R. Duvall, Jim Szykman, S. Kaushik, K. Kronmiller, M. Wheeler, S. Garvey, AND J. Crawford. Evaluation and Comparison of Methods for Measuring Ozone and NO2 Concentrations in Ambient Air during DISCOVER-AQ. EM Magazine. Air and Waste Management Association, Pittsburgh, PA, , 1-11, (2016).
Beaver, M., R. Long, Jim Szykman, R. Duvall, K. Baker, J. Kelly, A. Weinheimer, D. Knapp, D. Montzka, S. Pusede, AND R. Cohen. DISCOVER-AQ SJV Surface Measurements and Initial Comparisons with Photochemical Model Simulations. CMAS Conference, Chapel Hill, NC, October 27 - 29, 2014.
Duvall, R., R. Long, M. Beaver, EricS Hall, J. Szykman, AND S. Kaushik. Evaluation of small sensor technology for criteria air pollutants at ground-based sites and a citizen science network. National Ambient Air Monitoring Conference, Atlanta, GA, August 11 - 14, 2014.
Szykman, Jim, E. Solazzo, O. Cooper, M. Silverman, C. Trepte, M. Newchurch, J. Cammas, AND A. Thomas. Profile and Remote Sensing Observation Datasets (Trace Gases and Aerosols) for Regional- Scale Model Evaluation under the Air Quality Model Evaluation International Initiative (AQMEII)- North American and European Perspectives. ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT. Springer-Verlag, New York, NY, 0(0):22-29, (2014).
Knepp, T., M. Pippin, J. Crawford, Jim Szykman, R. Long, L. Cowen, A. Cede, N. Abuhassan, J. Herman, R. Delgado, J. Compton, T. Berkoff, J. Fishman, D. Martins, R. Stauffer, A. Thompson, A. Weinheimer, D. Knapp, D. Montzka, D. Lenschow, AND D. Neil. Estimating Surface NO2 and SO2 Mixing Ratios from Fast-Response Total Column Observations and Potential Application to Geostationary Missions. JOURNAL OF ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY. Springer, New York, NY, 0(0):1-26, (2014).
Hogrefe, C., Jim Szykman, R. Gilliam, J. Godowitch, S. Roselle, J. Crawford, T. Plessel, M. Silverman, J. Cammas, A. Volz-Thomas, AND S. Rao. A Comparison of Modeled Pollutant Profiles With MOZAIC Aircraft Measurements. Chapter 97, Air Pollution Modeling and its Application XXII. Springer, Heidelburg, Germany, 2014:577-580, (2013).