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Lazorchak, Jim, J. Hoffman, M. Mills, K. Fritz, Greg Peterson, M. Pearson, T. Angradi, D. Walters, M. Elliott, S. Janssen, J. DeWild, D. Krabbenhoft, AND E. Pilgrim. Assessing the suitability of the Bad River as a reference system for the St Louis River AOC using geochemistry, biotic condition of macroinvertebrates and bioaccumulation of mercury. 2018 SETAC NA Annual Meeting, Sacramento, California, November 04 - 08, 2018.
Darling, J., J. Martinson, Y. Gong, S. Okum, E. Pilgrim, K. Pagenkopp Lohan, J. Carney, AND G. Ruiz. Ballast Water Exchange and Invasion Risk Posed by Intracoastal Vessel Traffic: An Evaluation Using High Throughput Sequencing. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY. American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 52(17):9926-9936, (2018).
Pilgrim, E., A. Banerji, J. Darling, C. Hatzenbuhler, J. Hoffman, A. Maloy, J. Martinson, R. Mitchell, C. Meredith, S. Okum, A. Trebitz, AND L. Yuan. How Gene Marker and PCR Primer Choice Influence DNA Metabarcoding of Aquatic Communities. 2018 Society of Freshwater Science Annual Meeting, Detroit, MI, May 20 - 24, 2018.
Ware, J., E. Pilgrim, M. May, N. Donnelly, AND K. Tennessen. Phylogenetic relationships of North American Gomphidae and their close relatives. Systematic Entomology. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ, 42(2):347-358, (2017).
Pilgrim, E. Expanding Genomic Biomonitoring to Regional & National Scale Projects. International Workshop on Environmental Genomics, St. John's, Newfoundland, CANADA, June 07 - 09, 2017.
Pilgrim, E. AND E. Stein. Moving Genetic Biomonitoring from a Concept to a Tool. 2016 Annual Meeting of the Society of Freshwater Science, Sacramento, CA, May 22 - 26, 2016.
Pilgrim, E., S. Okum, J. Martinson, J. Hoffman, Greg Peterson, J. Lietz, AND C. Hatzenbuhler. Expanding Larval Fish DNA Metabarcoding to All the Great Lakes. Upper Midwest Invasive Species Conference, La Crosse, WI, October 16 - 19, 2016.
Pilgrim, E. eDNA Applications for Detecting & Monitoring Invasive Species. University of Cincinnati course in Invasive Species, Cincinnati, OH, March 27, 2017.
Banerji, A., M. Bagley, E. Pilgrim, J. Martinson, S. Guglielmi, Dan Tettenhorst, J. Shoemaker, Joel Allen, C. Nietch, J. Santodomingo, J. Lu, AND Jim Lazorchak. Do Eukaryotic Species Interactions Drive Freshwater HAB Dynamics? SETAC World Congress/ SETAC North America 37th Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL, November 06 - 10, 2016.
Mitchell, R., A. Pollard, L. Yuan, AND E. Pilgrim. Comparing metagenomic and morphological periphyton assemblage data to major environmental gradients: A pilot study from the National Rivers and Stream Assessment. Society of Freshwater Science 2016 Annual Meeting, Sacramento, CA, May 22 - 26, 2016.
Jackson, J., J. Battle, B. White, E. Pilgrim, E. Stein, P. Miller, AND B. Sweeney. Cryptic biodiversity in streams: a comparison of macroinvertebrate communities based on morphological and DNA barcode identifications. Freshwater Science. The Society for Freshwater Science, Springfield, IL, 33(1):312-324, (2014).
Stein, E., B. White, R. Mazor, J. Jackson, J. Battle, P. Miller, E. Pilgrim, AND B. Sweeney. Does DNA barcoding improve performance of traditional stream bioassessment metrics? Freshwater Science. The Society for Freshwater Science, Springfield, IL, 33(1):302-311, (2014).
White, B., E. Pilgrim, L. Boykin, E. Stein, AND R. Mazor. Comparison of four species-delimitation methods applied to a DNA barcode data set of insect larvae for use in routine bioassessment for use in routine bioassessment. Freshwater Science. The Society for Freshwater Science, Springfield, IL, 33(1):338-348, (2014).