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Williams, R., D. Costa, A. Brown, A. Kaufman, D. Buchbinder, G. Hagler, E. Thoma, Bill Mitchell, B. Gullett, W. Jiao, Vasu Kilaru, R. Long, M. Beaver, R. Duvall, P. Solomon, K. Leovic, E. Smith, L. Stanek, Tim Watkins, P. Preuss, S. Katz, G. Robarge, E. Snyder, B. Sharpe, AND S. Garvey. #2) Sensor Technology-State of the Science. Webinar Presentation - Sensor Technology-State of the Science, Research Triangle Park, NC, July 08, 2014.
Kaufman, A., R. Williams, T. Barzyk, AND Tim Watkins. Citizen Science and Emerging Technologies. Presented at US Public Health Service Scientific and Training Symposium, Raleigh, NC, June 10 - 12, 2014.