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Zhang, H., L. Yee, B. Lee, M. Curtis, D. Worton, G. Isaacman-VanWertz, J. Offenberg, M. Lewandowski, Tad Kleindienst, M. Beaver, A. Holder, Bill Lonneman, K. Docherty, M. Jaoui, H. Pye, W. Hu, D. Day, P. Campuzano-Jost, J. Jimenez, H. Guo, R. Weber, J. de Gouw, A. Koss, E. Edgerton, W. Brune, C. Mohr, F. Lopez-Hilfiker, A. Lutz, N. Kreisberg, S. Spielman, S. Hering, K. Wilson, J. Thornton, AND A. Goldstein. Monoterpenes are the largest source of summertime organic aerosol in the southeastern United States. PNAS (PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES). National Academy of Sciences, WASHINGTON, DC, 9:2038-2043, (2018).
Krug, J., M. Lewandowski, J. Offenberg, J. Turlington, W. Lonneman, N. Modak, Todd Krantz, C. King, S. Gavett, Ian Gilmour, D. DeMarini, AND Tad Kleindienst. Photochemical Conversion of Surrogate Emissions for Use in Toxicological Studies: Role of Particulate- and Gas-Phase Products. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology. Springer, Heidelburg, Germany, 52(5):3037-3044, (2018).