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Cousett, T., K. Oliver, D. Whitaker, AND L. Alston. Methods development for the analysis of volatile organic compounds on Carbopack X sorbent tubes using thermal desorption and time-of-flight mass spectroscopy. National Environmental Monitoring Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, August 06 - 10, 2018.
Oliver, K., T. Cousett, D. Whitaker, L. Smith, S. Mukerjee, C. Stallings, E. Thoma, L. Alston, M. Colon, T. Wu, AND S. Henkle. Sample Integrity Evaluation and EPA Method 325b Interlaboratory Comparison for Select Volatile Organic Compounds Collected Diffusively on Carbopack X Sorbent Tubes. ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT. Elsevier Science Ltd, New York, NY, 163:99-106, (2017).
Eisele, A., S. Mukerjee, L. Smith, E. Thoma, D. Whitaker, K. Oliver, T. Wu, M. Colon, L. Alston, T. Cousett, M. Miller, D. Smith, AND C. Stallings. Volatile organic compounds at oil and natural gas production well pads in Colorado and Texas using passive samplers. JOURNAL OF THE AIR & WASTE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION. Air & Waste Management Association, Pittsburgh, PA, 66(4):412-419, (2016).
Morgan, M., J. Sobus, D. Barr, C. Croghan, F. Chen, R. Walker, L. Alston, E. Andersen, AND M. Clifton. Temporal variability of pyrethroid metabolite levels in bedtime, morning, and 24-hr urine samples for 50 adults in North Carolina. ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL. Elsevier Science Ltd, New York, NY, 144:81-91, (2015).