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Smucker, N., B. Schaeffer, J. Beaulieu, AND C. Nietch. Satellite-based monitoring of cyanobacteria blooms from 2002–2011 for 11 reservoirs with watersheds along an agricultural gradient. 2018 Society for Freshwater Science Annual Meeting, Detroit, MI, May 20 - 24, 2018.
Smucker, N., A. Kuhn, C. Cruz-Quinones, J. Serbst, AND Jim Lake. Stable isotopes of algae and macroinvertebrates in streams respond to watershed urbanization, inform management goals, and indicate food web relationships. ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS. Elsevier Science Ltd, New York, NY, 90:295-304, (2018).
Smucker, N., J. Beaulieu, C. Nietch, J. Young, M. Higgs, AND W. Barnett. Historical Changes in Water Quality, Temperature Regimes, and Cyanobacteria Densities of 20 Midwestern USA Reservoirs. 2017 Society for Freshwater Science Annual Meeting, Raleigh, NC, June 04 - 08, 2017.