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Gardner, Steve, Ed Heithmar, K. Kovalcik, G. Momplaisir, A. Williams, M. Medina-Vera, AND T. Jones-Lepp. Multimodal Physicochemical Characterization of Tire Crumbs Used at Synthetic Turf Fields. Presented at 27th International Society of Exposure Science Annual Meeting, Research Triangle Park, NC, October 15 - 19, 2017.
Starr, J., W. Li, S. Graham, K. Bradham, Dan Stout, A. Williams, AND J. Sylva. Using paired soil and house dust samples in an in vitro assay to assess the post ingestion bioaccessibility of sorbed fipronil. JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS. Elsevier Science Ltd, New York, NY, 312:141-149, (2016).