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ALLEN, P., M. S. NASH, R. C. Ohman, R. D. LOPEZ, J. CHRISTENSEN, A. M. PITCHFORD, N. G. TALLENT-HALSELL, AND L. C. BUTLER. Characterizing and Mapping of Ecosystem Services (CMESs) Literature Database Version 1.0. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/C-11/003, 2011.
ALLEN, P., R. D. LOPEZ, M. S. NASH, J. R. CHRISTENSEN, N. G. TALLENT-HALSELL, L. C. BUTLER, A. M. PITCHFORD, AND A. C. NEALE. The Landscape Framework for the Spatial Characterization and Mapping of Ecosystem Services: What is the State of the Science? Presented at A Conference on Ecosystem Services, Naples, FL, December 08 - 11, 2008.
Butler, L C., W. A. Coakley, V. D. Dandge, AND J. R. Caldwell. WINCADRE INORGANIC (WINDOWS COMPUTER-AIDED DATA REVIEW AND EVALUATION). Presented at Pittsburgh 2001 Conference, New Orleans, LA, March 3-10, 2001.
Butler, L, A Pilant, D Mukerjee, E J. Furtaw Jr., A Zhao, W H. Engelmann, A de la Cruz, AND F Kawahara. EARTH DAY 2003: LEARNING FROM THE EAST IN THE EPA: EASTERN PHILOSOPHY ENRICHING WESTERN SCIENTISTS. Presented at Earth Day, Las Vegas, NV, April 23, 2003.
Coakley, W. A., L C. Butler, V. D. Dandge, J. R. Caldwell, AND V. D. Desican. WINCADRE (COMPUTER-AIDED DATA REVIEW AND EVALUATION). Presented at PITTCON 2000 Science for the 21st Century, New Orleans, LA, March 11-18, 2000.
Hinners, T A., E M. Heithmar, L C. Butler, M. Hurd, D. E. Dobb, AND G. A. Laing. PERFORMANCE OF INDUCTIVELY COUPLED PLASMA MASS SPECTROMETRY METHOD 6020. Presented at the Fifth Annual Waste Testing and Quality Assurance Symposium, July 24-28, 1989.
Engelmann, W H., I. Y. Wengatz, AND L C. Butler. CHEMISTRY, SOCIETY, AND THE ENVIRONMENT. Presented at Earth Day, Las Vegas, NV, April 10, 2002.
Butler, L C., D. M. Boyer, D. Hillman, AND D. E. Dobb. SUPERFUND CLP SAMPLE PREPARATION FOR METALS ANALYSIS - IS A SEPARATE DIGESTION NECESSARY FOR FURNACE AAS? Presented at PittCon, 1995, Pittsburgh, PA, March 3, 1995.
Hinners, T A., E M. Heithmar, L Butler, J. Henshaw, D. E. Dobb, G. A. Laing, AND D. Cardenas. DEVELOPMENT OF ICP-MS METHOD 6020. Presented at US EPA Symposium on Waste Testing and Quality Assurance, July 11-15, 1988.