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Banerji, A., M. Bagley, E. Pilgrim, J. Martinson, S. Guglielmi, Dan Tettenhorst, J. Shoemaker, Joel Allen, C. Nietch, J. Santodomingo, J. Lu, AND Jim Lazorchak. Do Eukaryotic Species Interactions Drive Freshwater HAB Dynamics? SETAC World Congress/ SETAC North America 37th Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL, November 06 - 10, 2016.
Pilgrim, E., S. Okum, J. Martinson, J. Hoffman, Greg Peterson, J. Lietz, AND C. Hatzenbuhler. Expanding Larval Fish DNA Metabarcoding to All the Great Lakes. Upper Midwest Invasive Species Conference, La Crosse, WI, October 16 - 19, 2016.
Kostich, M., R. Flick, AND J. Martinson. Comparing predicted estrogen concentrations with measurements in US waters. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION. Elsevier Science Ltd, New York, NY, 178(7):271-277, (2013).
PILGRIM, E., S. A. JACKSON, AND J. W. MARTINSON. Applying next-generation DNA sequencing technology to aquatic bioassessment. Presented at EcoSummit 2012, Columbus, OH, September 30 - October 05, 2012.
Lamendella, R., J. W. SANTO-DOMINGO, S. Ghosh, J. W. MARTINSON, AND D. B. Oerther. Comparative Fecal Metagenomics Unveils Unique Functional Capacity of the Swine Gut. BMC Microbiology. BioMed Central Ltd, London, Uk, 11:103-119, (2011).
PILGRIM, E., S. A. JACKSON, J. W. MARTINSON, AND J. DARLING. The future role of next-generation DNA sequencing and metagenetics in aquatic biology monitoring programs. Presented at SETAC Europe, Milan, ITALY, May 14 - 20, 2011.
WAITS, E. R., J. W. MARTINSON, AND K. M. FRITZ. Changes in biodiversity and ecosystem function downstream from mountaintop removal and valley fill coal mining. Presented at SETAC North America 31st Annual Meeting, Portland, OR, November 07 - 11, 2010.
KOSTICH, M., R. W. FLICK, AND J. W. MARTINSON. Modeling environmental loading rates of municipal wastewater contaminants: steroidal estrogens. Presented at SETAC North America 2010 Annual Meeting, Portland, OR, November 07 - 12, 2010.
WYMER, L. J., K. P. BRENNER, J. W. MARTINSON, W. R. STUTTS, S. SCHAUB, AND A. P. DUFOUR. The EMPACT Beaches Project Results from a Study on Microbiological Monitoring in Recreational Waters. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, 2005.
Martinson, J, D. Lewis, K Brenner, L Wymer, AND S Brown. INFORMATION MANAGEMENT AND RELATED QUALITY ASSURANCE FOR A LARGE SCALE, MULTI-SITE RESEARCH PROJECT. Presented at The U.S. EPA 20th Annual Conference on Managing Environmental Quality Systems: Quality Management Solutions for Today's Environmental Challenges, New Orleans, LA, April 14-17, 2003.