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Hagan, N., N. Robins, H. Hsu-Kim, S. Halabi, R. Espinoza Gonzales, E. Ecos, D. Richter, AND J. Vandenberg. Mercury hair levels and factors that influence exposure for residents of Huancavelica, Peru. ENVIRONMENTAL GEOCHEMISTRY AND HEALTH. Lonsdale Press, Ltd., London, Uk, 37:507-514, (2014).
McEwen, A., H. Hsu-Kim, N. Robins, N. Hagan, S. Halabi, O. Barras, D. Richter, AND J. Vandenberg. Residential metal contamination and potential health risks of exposure in adobe brick houses in Potosí, Bolivia. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT. Elsevier BV, AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, 562:237-246, (2016).