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Kravitz, M. AND G. Blair. Risks to Fish Habitats and Populations Associated with a Transportation Corridor forProposed Mine Operations in a Salmon-rich Watershed. ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT. Springer-Verlag, New York, NY, 64:107-126, (2019). <a href=""></a>
Meeting Materials for the NAS Meeting to Evaluate the Updated Problem Formulation and Systematic Review Protocol for the Inorganic Arsenic (Ias) IRIS Assessment Document (Jul 2019).
chen, j. J., y. J. chen, G. Rice, k. Hamernik, a. Protzel, AND r. L. Kodell. Using Dose Addition To Estimate Cumulative Risks From Exposures To Multiple Chemicals. REGULATORY TOXICOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY Vol: 34(1): 34(1), 35-41, (2001).
Chen, J., Y. J. Chen, L. Teuschler, G. Rice, K. Kamernik, A. Protzel, AND R. L. Kodel. Cumulative Risk Assessment For Quantitative Response Data. ENVIRONMETRICS. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., Indianapolis, IN, 14(4):339-353, (2003).
West, J. AND R. V. Salm. Resistance and Resilience to Coral Bleaching: Implications for Coral Reef Conservation and Management. CONSERVATION BIOLOGY Volume: 17/956-967, (2003).
Butcher, J. B., L. Shoemaker, AND V B. Serveiss*. Improving The Tmdl Process Using Watershed Risk Assessment Principles. ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT. Springer-Verlag, New York, NY, 36(1):143-151, (2005).
Bostwick, D., H. Burke, S. Y. Euling, B. R. Sonawane, D. Djakiew, S. Ho, J. Landolph, H. Morrison, T. Shifflett, D. Waters, AND B. Timms. Human Prostate Cancer Risk Factors. Cancer. John Wiley & Sons Incorporated, New York, NY, 101:2371-2490, (2004).
Birak, P., J. Yurk, F. Adeshina, M. Lorber, K. Pollard, H. Choudhury, AND S. Kroner. Travis And Arms Revisited: A Second Look At A Widely Used Bioconcentration Algorithm. JOURNAL OF TOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH. Taylor & Francis, Inc., Philadelphia, PA, 17(5-10):163-175, (2001).
BATES, M. N., S. G. SELEVAN, AND L. M. GARTNER. Reporting Needs For Studies Of Environmental Chemicals In Human Milk (2002, Journal). Judy S. LaKind (Guest Editor) (ed.), JOURNAL OF TOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH - PART A: CURRENT ISSUES. Taylor & Francis, Inc., Philadelphia, PA, 65(22):1867-1879, (2002).
BARLOW, S. M., K. BENTLEY, A. M. BRADY, R. L. COOPER, N. G. DOERRER, D. L. EISENBRANDT, P. A. FENNER-CRISP, R. N. HINES, L. IRVINE, C. A. KIMMEL, H. KOETER, J. C. LAMB, A. A. LI, S. MAKRIS, L. SHEETS, AND G. J. SPEIJERS. A Tiered Approach To Life Stages Testing For Agricultural Chemical Safery Assessment (2006, Journal). CRITICAL REVIEWS IN TOXICOLOGY. CRC Press LLC, Boca Raton, FL, 36(1):69-98, (2006).
Ferrario, J., C. Byrne, D. McDaniel, AND A. Dupuy. Determination Of 2,3,7,8 Chlorine-Substituted Dibenzo-P-Dioxins And Furans At The Part Per Trillion Level In United States Beef Fat Using High-Resolution Gas Chromatography/High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry. Analytical Chemistry. American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 68(4):647-652, (1996).
Ferrario, J., C. Byrne, AND J. SCHAUM. An Assessment Of Dioxin Levels In Processed Ball Clay From The U.S. (2004, Journal). ORGANOHALOGEN COMPOUNDS 66:1639-1644, (2004).
Cleverly, D., M. Monetti, L. Phillips, P. Cramer, M. Hait, S. McCarthy, K. O'Rourke, J. Stanley, AND D. Winters. A Time-Trends Study Of The Occurrences And Levels Of CDDs, CDFs And Dioxin-Like PCBs In Sediment Cores From 11 Geographically Distributed Lakes In The U.S. (1996, Journal). ORGANOHALOGEN COMPOUNDS 28:77-82, (1996).
Canter, D., M. Lorber, C. Braverman, R. Warwick, J. Walsh, AND S. Washburn. Determining The Margin Of Incremental Exposure: An Approach To Assessing Non-Cancer Health Effects Of Dioxins (1998, Journal). Organohalogen Compounds 38:313-319, (1998).
BROWN, R., T. DWYER, C. KASTEN, D. KROTOSKI, M. LINET, J. OLSEN, P. SCHEIDT, D. M. WINN, AND L. ZHU. International Childhood Cancer Cohort Consortium (Journal). INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY. Oxford University Press, Cary, NC, 36(4):724-730, (2007).
Interagency Coordinating Comm. The National Children's Study Of Environmental Effects On Child Health And Development (2003, Journal). ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH PERSPECTIVES 111(4): 640-646, (2003).
Chapman, R S., W. A. Hadden, AND S. A. Perlin. Influences Of Asthma And Household Environment On Lung Function Of Children And Adolescents: The Third National Health And Nutrition Examination Survey (Journal). AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY 158(2):175-189, (2003).
FOOS, B., M. MARTY, J. SCHWARTZ, W. BENNETT, J. MOYA, A. M. JARABEK, AND A. SALMON. Focusing On Children's Inhalation Dosimetry And Health Effects For Risk Assessment: An Introduction (Journal). JOURNAL OF TOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH. Taylor & Francis, Inc., Philadelphia, PA, 71(3):149-165, (2007).
Qian, Z., R S. Chapman, Q. X. Tian, Y. Chen, P. J. Liboy, AND J. Zhang. Effects Of Air Pollution On Children's Respiratory Health In Three Chinese Cities. ARCHIVES OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH 55(2):126-133, (2000).
SHARBAUGH, C., S. M. Viet, A. Frazier, AND S. Mcmaster. Comparable Measures Of Cognitive Function In Human Infants And Laboratory Animals To Identify Environmental Health Risks To Children. ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH PERSPECTIVES. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), Research Triangle Park, NC, 111(13):1630-1639, (2003).
Zhang, J., Z. Qian, L. Kong, L. Zhou, AND R. S. CHAPMAN. Effects Of Air Pollution On Respiratory Health Of Adults In Three Chinese Cities. ARCHIVES OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH 54(6):373-381, (1999).
Hattis, D., R. Goble, AND M. Chu. Age-Related Differences In Susceptibility To Carcinogenesis Ii, Approaches For Application And Uncertainty Analyses For Individual Genetically Acting Carcinogens (Journal). ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH PERSPECTIVES. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), Research Triangle Park, NC, 113(4):509-516, (2005).
Lorber, M., D. Cleverly, J. Schaum, L. Phillips, G. Schweer, AND T. Leighton. Development And Validation Of An Air-To-Beef Food Chain Model For Dioxin-Like Compounds. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT. Elsevier BV, AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, 156(1):39-65, (1994).
LORBER, M., J. Ferrario, C. Byrne, C. Greene, AND A. Cyrus. A Study To Evaluate The Levels Of Dioxin-Like Compounds In Dairy Feeds In The U.S. ORGANOHALOGEN COMPOUNDS 66:1958-1965, (2004).
Ferrario, J., C. Byrne, M. Lorber, P. Saunders, W. Leese, A. Dupuy, D. Winters, D. Cleverly, J. Schaum, P. Pinsky, C. Deyrup, R. Ellis, AND J. Walcott. A Statistical Survey Of Dioxin-Like Compounds In U.S. Poultry Fat. Organohalogen Compounds 32:245-251, (1997).
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