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Smith, M., E. Hubal, AND E. Faustman. A Case study on the utility of predictive toxicology tools in alternatives assessments for hazardous chemicals in children’s consumer products. Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology . Nature Publishing Group, London, Uk, 30(1):160-170, (2020).
Kosnik, M., J. Strickland, S. Marvel, D. Wallis, K. Wallace, A. Richard, D. Reif, AND T. Shafer. Concentration-Response Evaluation of ToxCast Compounds for Multivariate Activity Patterns of Neural Network Function. Archives of Toxicology. Springer, New York, NY, 94:469-484, (2020).
Buckalew, A., J. Wang, A. Murr, C. Deisenroth, W. Stewart, T. Stoker, AND S. Laws. Evaluation of potential sodium-iodide symporter (NIS) inhibitors using a secondary Fischer rat thyroid follicular cell (FRTL-5) radioactive iodide uptake (RAIU) assay. Archives of Toxicology. Springer, New York, NY, 94(3):873-885, (2020).
Wetmore, B., R. Clewell, B. Cholewa, B. Parks, S. Pendse, M. Black, K. Mansouri, S. Haider, E. Berg, R. Judson, K. Houck, M. Martin, H. Clewell III, M. Andersen, R. Thomas, AND P. McMullen. Assessing Bioactivity-Exposure Profiles of Fruits and Vegetables in the BioMAP Profiling System. TOXICOLOGY IN VITRO. Elsevier Science Ltd, New York, NY, 54:41-57, (2019).
Baker, N., N. Sipes, J. Franzosa, D. Belair, B. Abbott, R. Judson, AND T. Knudsen. Characterizing cleft palate toxicants using ToxCast data, chemical structure, and the biomedical literature. Birth Defects Research. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ, , 1-21, (2019).
Elliott, S., W. Route, L. DeCicco, D. VanderMeulen, S. Corsi, AND B. Blackwell. Contaminants in bald eagles of the upper Midwestern U.S.: A framework for prioritizing future research based on in-vitro bioassays. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION. Elsevier Science Ltd, New York, NY, 244:861-870, (2019).
Manganelli, S., A. Roncaglioni, K. Mansouri, R. Judson, E. Benfenati, A. Manganaro, AND P. Ruiz. Development, validation and integration of in silico models to identify androgen active chemicals. CHEMOSPHERE. Elsevier Science Ltd, New York, NY, 220:204-215, (2019).
Ulrich, E., J. Sobus, Chris Grulke, A. Richard, S. Newton, M. Strynar, K. Mansouri, AND A. Williams. EPA’s non-targeted analysis collaborative trial (ENTACT): genesis, design, and initial findings. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. Springer, New York, NY, 411(4):853-866, (2019).
Shafer, Tim, J. Brown, B. Lynch, S. Davila-Montero, K. Wallace, AND K. Paul-Friedman. Evaluation of Chemical Effects on Network Formation in Cortical Neurons Grown on Microelectrode Arrays. TOXICOLOGICAL SCIENCES. Society of Toxicology, RESTON, VA, 169(2):436-455, (2019).
Nunez, J., S. Colby, D. Thomas, M. Tfaily, N. Tolic, E. Ulrich, J. Sobus, T. Metz, J. Teeguarden, AND R. Renslow. Evaluation of In Silico Multifeature Libraries for Providing Evidence for the Presence of Small Molecules in Synthetic Blinded Samples. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling. American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 59(9):4052-4060, (2019).
Helman, G., I. Shah, A. Williams, J. Edwards, J. Dunne, AND G. Patlewicz. Generalised Read-Across (GenRA): A workflow implemented into the EPA CompTox Chemicals Dashboard. ALTEX. Society ALTEX Edition, Kuesnacht, Switzerland, 36(1):1-5, (2019).
Wang, J., D. Hallinger, A. Murr, A. Buckalew, R. Lougee, A. Richard, S. Laws, AND T. Stoker. High-Throughput Screening and Chemotype-Enrichment Analysis of ToxCast Phase II Chemicals Evaluated for Human Sodium-Iodide Symporter (NIS) Inhibition. ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL. Elsevier B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands, 126:377-386, (2019).
Wei, Z., S. Sakamuru, L. Zhang, J. Zhao, R. Huang, N. Kleinstreuer, Y. Chen, Y. Shu, T. Knudsen, AND M. Xia. Identification and profiling of environmental chemicals that inhibit the TGFβ/SMAD signaling pathway. CHEMICAL RESEARCH IN TOXICOLOGY. American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 32(12):2433-2444, (2019).
Turley, A., K. Isaacs, B. Wetmore, A. Karmaus, M. Embry, AND M. Krishan. Incorporating new approach methodologies in toxicity testing and exposure assessment for tiered risk assessment using the RISK21 approach: Case studies on food contact chemicals. FOOD AND CHEMICAL TOXICOLOGY. Elsevier Science Ltd, New York, NY, 134:110819, (2019).
Olker, J., Joe Korte, J. Denny, P. Hartig, M. Cardon, C. Knutsen, P. Kent, J. Christensen, S. Degitz, AND M. Hornung. Screening the ToxCast Phase 1, Phase 2, and e1k Chemical Libraries for Inhibitors of Iodothyronine Deiodinases. TOXICOLOGICAL SCIENCES. Society of Toxicology, RESTON, VA, 168(2):430-442, (2019).
Saili, K., J. Franzosa, N. Baker, R. Ellis-Hutchings, R. Settivari, E. Carney, R. Spencer, T. Zurlinden, N. Kleinstreuer, S. Li, M. Xia, AND T. Knudsen. Systems Modeling of Developmental Vascular Toxicity. Current Opinion in Toxicology. Elsevier BV, AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, 15(1):55-63, (2019).
Sobus, J., J. Grossman, A. Chao, R. Singh, A. Williams, Chris Grulke, A. Richard, S. Newton, A. McEachran, AND E. Ulrich. Using Prepared Mixtures of ToxCast Chemicals to Evaluate Non-Targeted Analysis (NTA) Method Performance. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. Springer, New York, NY, 411(4):835-851, (2019).
Honda, G., R. Pearce, L. Pham, R. Setzer, B. Wetmore, N. Sipes, J. Gilbert, B. Franz, R. Thomas, AND J. Wambaugh. Using the Concordance of In Vitro and In Vivo Data to Evaluate Extrapolation Assumptions. PLoS ONE . Public Library of Science, San Francisco, CA, 14(5):1-33, (2019).
Judson, R., R. Thomas, N. Baker, A. Simha, X. Howey, C. Marable, N. Kleinstreuer, AND K. Houck. Workflow for Defining Reference Chemicals for Assessing Performance of In Vitro Assays. ALTEX. Society ALTEX Edition, Kuesnacht, Switzerland, 36(2):261-276, (2019).
Nelms, M., C. Mellor, S. Enoch, R. Judson, G. Patlewicz, A. Richard, J. Madden, M. Cronin, AND S. Edwards. A mechanistic framework for integrating chemical structure and high-throughput screening results to improve toxicity predictions. Computational Toxicology. Elsevier B.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands, 8:1-12, (2018).
Pittman, M., S. Edwards, C. Ives, AND H. Mortensen. AOP-DB: A database resource for the exploration of Adverse Outcome Pathways through integrated association networks. TOXICOLOGY AND APPLIED PHARMACOLOGY. Academic Press Incorporated, Orlando, FL, 343:71-83, (2018).
Stapleton, P., C. Wingard, T. Nurkiewicz, A. Holloway, J. Zelikoff, T. Knudsen, AND L. Rogers. Cardiopulmonary consequences of gestational toxicant exposure: symposium overview at the 56th Annual SOT Meeting, Baltimore, MD. REPRODUCTIVE TOXICOLOGY. Elsevier Science Ltd, New York, NY, 79(1):16-20, (2018).
Xia, M., R. Huang, Q. Shi, W. Boyd, J. Zhao, N. Sun, J. Rice, P. Dunlap, A. Hackstadt, M. Bridge, M. Smith, S. Dai, W. Zheng, P. Chu, D. Gerhold, K. Witt, M. DeVito, J. Freeman, C. Austin, K. Houck, R. Thomas, R. Paules, R. Tice, AND A. Simeonov. Comprehensive analyses and prioritization of Tox21 10K chemicals affecting mitochondrial function by in-depth mechanistic studies. ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH PERSPECTIVES. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), Research Triangle Park, NC, 126(7):1-16, (2018).
Mahapatra, D., Jill A. Franzosa, K. Roell, M. Kuenemann, Keith A. Houck, D. Reif, D. Fourches, AND S. Kullman. Confirmation of High-Throughput screening data and novel mechanistic insights into VDR-xenobiotic interactions by orthogonal assays. Scientific Reports. Nature Publishing Group, London, Uk, 8(8883):1-16, (2018).
Fay, K., Dan Villeneuve, J. Swintek, S. Edwards, M. Nelms, B. Blackwell, AND G. Ankley. Differentiating pathway-specific from nonspecific effects in high-throughput toxicity data: A foundation for prioritizing adverse outcome pathway development. TOXICOLOGICAL SCIENCES. Society of Toxicology, RESTON, VA, 163(2):500-515, (2018).
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