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Occurrence and Control of Tularemia in Drinking Water
(JOURNAL) [Published : Oct 31, 2015]
Journal Article
Water Treatment Pilot Plant Design Manual: Low Flow Conventional/Direct Filtration Water Treatment Plant for Drinking Water Treatment Studies
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Apr 03, 2015]
This manual highlights the project constraints and concerns, and includes detailed design calculations and system schematics. The plant is based on engineering design principles and practices, previous pilot plant design experiences, and professional experiences and may serve as ...
Configuring Online Monitoring Event Detection Systems
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Nov 06, 2014]
Disinfection of Bacillus Spores using Acidified Nitrite
(JOURNAL) [Published : May 05, 2014]
Journal Article
Evaluating Response Planning Initiatives: Modeling Assumptions
(PAPER IN NON-EPA PROCEEDINGS) [Published : May 20, 2013]
Extended Abstract
Using the CANARY Event Detection Software to Enhance Security and Improve Water Quality
(PAPER IN NON-EPA PROCEEDINGS) [Published : Apr 26, 2013]
Symposium Paper
CANARY User's Manual version 4.3.2
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Sep 28, 2012]
For download of the basic CANARY software, please see User Start Guide
Chlorine disinfection of Francisella tularensis
(JOURNAL) [Published : Jan 30, 2011]
EPA's Homeland Security Research Program
(JOURNAL) [Published : Nov 14, 2011]
Journal article
Formulation of Chlorine and Decontamination Booster Station Problem
(PAPER IN NON-EPA PROCEEDINGS) [Published : May 22, 2011]
Symposium Paper