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Drinking Water Treatment Source Water Early Warning System State of the Science Review (PUBLISHED REPORT)
Electrophoretic mobility of Legionella pneumophila serogroups 1 to 14 (JOURNAL)
Journal Article
EPA's Water Security Test Bed (SUMMARY)
Technical Brief
Full Scale Drinking Water System Decontamination at the Water Security Test Bed (JOURNAL)
Journal Article
Inactivation of Bacillus Spores in Wash Waters Using Dilute Chlorine Bleach Solutions at Different Temperatures and pH Levels (JOURNAL)
Journal Article
A Review of Polymeric Membranes and Processes for Potable Water Reuse (JOURNAL)
Journal Article
Disinfection of biological agents in the field using a mobile advanced oxidation process (PUBLISHED REPORT)
Enhancing climate Adaptation Capacity for Drinking Water Treatment Facilities (JOURNAL)
Journal article
Incorporating a Capability for Estimating Inhalation Doses in TEVA-SPOT (PUBLISHED REPORT)
Report and Data Files
Testing large volume water treatment and crude oil decontamination using the Water Security Test Bed at the Idaho National Laboratory (PUBLISHED REPORT)
Water Security Test Bed Experiments at the Idaho National Laboratory (PUBLISHED REPORT)
Adherence of Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Contaminants to Sediments Found in Water Storage Tanks (PUBLISHED REPORT)
Report and Technical Brief
Enhancements to the EPANET-RTX (Real-Time Analytics) Software Libraries-2015 (SUMMARY)
Technical brief and software
Influence of Network Model Detail on Estimated Health Effects of Drinking Water Contamination Events (JOURNAL)
Occurrence and Control of Tularemia in Drinking Water (JOURNAL)
Journal Article
Report on the 2015 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) International Decontamination Research and Development Conference (PUBLISHED REPORT)
Water Treatment Pilot Plant Design Manual: Low Flow Conventional/Direct Filtration Water Treatment Plant for Drinking Water Treatment Studies (PUBLISHED REPORT)
This manual highlights the project constraints and concerns, and includes detailed design calculations and system schematics. The plant is based on engineering design principles and practices, previous pilot plant design experiences, and professional experiences and may serve as ...
Application of TEVA-SPOT for Prioritizing Security Enhancements at Utility Facilities and for Protection of Critical Facilities (PUBLISHED REPORT)
Configuring Online Monitoring Event Detection Systems (PUBLISHED REPORT)
Decontamination of Biological Agents from Drinking Water Infrastructure: A Literature Review and Summary (JOURNAL)
Journal Article
Decontamination of Drinking Water Infrastructure: A Literature Review and Summary (PUBLISHED REPORT)
Disinfection of Bacillus Spores using Acidified Nitrite (JOURNAL)
Journal Article
Evaluating Response Planning Initiatives: Modeling Assumptions (PAPER IN NON-EPA PROCEEDINGS)
Extended Abstract
Inactivation of Bacterial Bioterrorism Agents in Water: A Summary of Seven EPA and CDC Research Studies-Journal article (JOURNAL)
Journal article
Report on the Workshop on Radionuclides in Wastewater Infrastructure Resulting from Emergency Situations (PUBLISHED REPORT)