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Chlorine Exposure During a Biological Decontamination Study in a Mock Subway Tunnel
(JOURNAL) [Published : Jul 12, 2019]
The Underground Transport Restoration (UTR) Operational Technology Demonstration (OTD) was a full-scale study focused on remediation of a subway system after contamination with a Bacillus anthracis (Ba) surrogate (Bacillus atrophaeus, subspecies globigii [Bg]). The study involved...
Decontamination Options for Restoring Subway Systems following a Bacillus anthracis Contamination Incident
(SUMMARY) [Published : Oct 23, 2018]
This technical brief reviews the bench-, pilot-, and field-scale decontamination research conducted by EPA under the Underground Transport Restoration (UTR) project. This summarizes the findings most applicable for operational use in decontamination methods for railcar and relate...
QR Code Reading System
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Jan 30, 2018]
The QR Code Reading System is a Python based script developed to recognize and record data and time associated with QR codes using web cameras. This code was originally developed to support timekeeping efforts during the Underground Transportation Restoration (UTR) Operational Te...
Field Application of Emerging Composite Sampling Methods
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Sep 06, 2017]