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Boczek, L., E. Rhodes, J. Cashdollar, J. Ryu, J. Popovici, J. Hoelle, Mano Sivaganesan, Sam Hayes, M. Rodgers, AND H. Ryu. Applicability of UV resistant Bacillus pumilus endospores as a human adenovirus surrogate for evaluating the effectiveness of virus inactivation in low-pressure UV treatment systems. JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGICAL METHODS. Elsevier Science Ltd, New York, NY, 122:43-49, (2016).
Ryu, H., J. Cashdollar, Shay Fout, K. A. Schrantz, AND Sam Hayes. Applicability of integrated cell culture quantitative PCR (ICC-qPCR) for the detection of infectious adenovirus type 2 in UV disinfection studies. JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND HEALTH, PART A. Taylor & Francis Group, London, Uk, 50(8):777-787, (2015).
Adams, Jeff AND Sam Hayes. US EPA's UV Disinfection Technologies Demonstration Study - States Briefing. Presented at 3-States MOC Confluence partnership, Cincinnati, OH, December 19, 2013.
Speth, T., Jeff Adams, AND Sam Hayes. U.S. EPA's Ultraviolet Disinfection Technologies Demonstration Study. Presented at Confluence 2nd Anniversary Event, Cincinnati, OH, January 16, 2013.