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Eckley, C., T. Luxton, J. Goetz, AND J. McKernan. Water-level fluctuations influence sediment porewater chemistry and methylmercury production in a flood-control reservoir. David Carpenter, and Eddy Zeng (ed.), ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION. Elsevier Science Ltd, New York, NY, 222:32-41, (2017).
Eckley, C., T. Luxton, J. McKernan, J. Goetz, AND J. Goulet. Influence of Reservoir Water Level Fluctuations on Sediment Methylmercury Concentrations Downstream of the Historical Black Butte Mercury Mine, OR. Michael Kersten (ed.), APPLIED GEOCHEMISTRY. Elsevier Science Ltd, New York, NY, 61:284-293, (2015).