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Faulkner, Bart, Reneej Brooks, AND Ken Forshay. Hyporheic Cooling with Implications for Support of Fish Habitat in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. National Ground Water Association conference, Portland, Oregon, September 08 - 09, 2016.
Cooper, C., P. Mayer, AND Bart Faulkner. Groundwater and surface water dynamics of Na and Cl in an urban stream: effects of road salts. BIOGEOCHEMISTRY. Springer, New York, NY, , 149-166, (2014).
Faulkner, Bart, S. Leibowitz, Tim Canfield, AND J. Groves. Quantifying groundwater dependency of riparian surface hydrologic features using the exit gradient. Hydrological Processes. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., Indianapolis, IN, , 1-11, (2015).
Hockenbury, L., Bart Faulkner, Ken Forshay, AND Reneej Brooks. Green Island and the Hyporheic Zone: Why Restoration matters. US EPA Office of Research and Development, Washington, DC, EPA/600/F-13/340, 2013.
Faulkner, B., K. Forshay, R. Brooks, R. Adeuya, AND S. Cline. Cooling Along Hyporheic Pathlines in a Large River Riparian Zone. Presented at American Geophysical Union's 45th Annual Fall Meeting, December 03 - 07, 2012.