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Beck, R., S. Zhan, H. Liu, S. Tong, B. Yang, M. Xu, Z. Ye, Y. Huang, S. Shu, Q. Wu, S. Wang, K. Berling, A. Murray, E. Emery, M. Reif, J. Harwood, J. Young, C. Nietch, D. Macke, M. Martin, G. Stillings, R. Stumpf, AND H. Su. Comparison of satellite reflectance algorithms for estimating chlorophyll-a in a temperate reservoir using coincident hyperspectral aircraft imagery and dense coincident surface observations. REMOTE SENSING OF ENVIRONMENT. Elsevier Science Ltd, New York, NY, 178:15-30, (2016).
Schenck, K., L. Rosenblum, B. Ramakrishnanb, J. Carson, Jr., D. Macke, AND C. Nietch. Correlation of Trace Contaminants to Wastewater Management Practices in Small Watersheds. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts. RSC Publishing, Cambridge, Uk, 17(5):956-964, (2015).
Allen, Joel, C. Nietch, D. Macke, P. Kathy, AND Jim Lazorchak. Effects of elevated total dissolved solids on bivalves. Presented at SETAC North America, Vancouver, CANADA, November 09 - 13, 2014.
Allen, Joel, W. Franz, D. Macke, S. Panguluri, AND M. Elovitz. Source Water Quality Monitoring. Presented at 1th Annual U.S. EPA Drinking Water Workshop – Small Drinking Water Systems: Challenges and Solutions, Cincinnati, OH, September 09 - 11, 2014.
Nietch, C., Jim Lazorchak, B. Johnson, B. Ramakrishnan, P. Weaver, D. Macke, K. Daniels, S. DeCelles, D. Brown, AND C. Impellitteri. Community-Level Effects of Excess Total Dissolved Solids Doses Using Model Streams. Presented at Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Nashville, TN, November 17 - 21, 2013.
Nietch, C., Jim Lazorchak, B. Johnson, D. Brown, B. Ramakrishnan, H. Rogers, P. Weaver, D. Macke, Joel Allen, K. Daniels, S. Decelles, AND K. Patnode. A Mesoscale Total Dissolved Solids Quantity and Quality Study Integrating Responses of Multiple Biological Components in Small Stream Communities. Presented at Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Annual Meeting, November 11 - 15, 2012.
Allen, Joel, N. Muhamad, D. Macke, AND S. Panguluri. Response of Vibrio fischeri to repeated exposures over time in an Online Toxicity Monitor. Presented at Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Long Beach, CA, November 11 - 15, 2012.