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Rossman, L., M. Simon, J. Neal, S. Panguluri, G. Silva, AND R. Krishnan. Intrusion of Soil Water through Pipe Cracks. US EPA Office of Research and Development, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-14/459, 2014.
Muhammad, N, V J. Gallardo, D A. Schupp, E R. Krishnan, K S. Minamyer, AND E. W. Rice. Inactivation of Bacillus Spores in Decontamination Wash Down Wastewater using Chlorine Bleach Solution. Vol.41(1), Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering. NRC Research Press, Ottawa, Canada, 41(1):40-47, (2014).
Patterson, C. L., F. Cadena, R. Sinha, K. Ngo-Kidd, A. Ghassemi, AND R. Krishnan. Field Treatment of MTBE-Contaiminated Groundwater Using Ozone/UV Oxidation. Ground Water Monitoring & Remediation. Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, Hoboken, NJ, 33(2):44-52, (2013).
Patterson, C., A. Anderson, R. Sinha, N. Muhammad, AND R. Krishnan. Evaluation of Small System Filtration Technologies for the Treatment of Color, Disinfection ByProducts and Microbiological Contaminants in Surface Water. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-12/713, 2012.