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BEAULIEU, J., P. MAYER, S. S. Kaushal, M. J. Pennino, C. P. Arango, D. A. Balz, T. J. CANFIELD, C. M. ELONEN, K. M. FRITZ, B. H. Hill, H. RYU, AND J. W. SANTO-DOMINGO. Effects of urban stream burial on organic matter dynamics and reach scale nitrate retention - final. BIOGEOCHEMISTRY. Springer, New York, NY, 121(1):107-126, (2014).
Faulkner, Bart, S. Leibowitz, Tim Canfield, AND J. Groves. Quantifying groundwater dependency of riparian surface hydrologic features using the exit gradient. Hydrological Processes. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., Indianapolis, IN, , 1-11, (2015).
Beaulieu, J., P. Mayer, S. Kaushal, M. Pennino, C. Arango, D. Balz, T. Canfield, C. Elonen, K. Fritz, B. Hill, H. Ryu, AND J. Santodomingo. Effects of Urban Stream Burial on Organic Matter Dynamics and Reach Scale Nitrate Retention. BIOGEOCHEMISTRY. Springer, New York, NY, 121(1):107-126, (2014).