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Framework for Modeling Lead in Premise Plumbing Systems Using EPANET
(JOURNAL) [Published : Dec 01, 2020]
Lead contamination of drinking water in homes and buildings remains an important public health concern. In order to assess strategies to measure and reduce exposure to lead from drinking water, models are needed that incorporate the multiple factors affecting lead concentrations...
Legionella Diversity and Spatiotemporal Variation in the Occurrence of Opportunistic Pathogens within a Large Building Water System
(JOURNAL) [Published : Jul 13, 2020]
Understanding Legionella survival mechanisms within building water systems (BWSs) is challenging due to varying engineering, operational, and water quality characteristics unique to each system. This study aimed to evaluate Legionella, mycobacteria, and free-living amoebae occur...
Chlorine and monochloramine disinfection of Legionella pneumophila colonizing copper and PVC drinking water biofilms
(JOURNAL) [Published : Jan 25, 2019]
Building water systems (BWSs) promote the regrowth and survival of opportunistic pathogens, such as Legionella pneumophila, especially within biofilms (BFs), where most drinking water (DW) microbes reside. However, compared to their planktonic (PL) form, disinfection efficacy fo...
Numerical Model for Decontamination of Organic Contaminants in Polyethylene Drinking Water Pipes in Premise Plumbing by Flushing
(JOURNAL) [Published : Jul 01, 2019]
Polymeric materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene are used extensively for drinking water applications. These materials are subject to permeation by organic compounds, such as those found in petroleum products and industrial chemicals, which can result in water quality i...
Persistence and Decontamination of Radioactive Cesium in a Model Drinking Water System
(PUBLISHED REPORT) [Published : Jul 17, 2018]
The objective of this report was to evaluate the persistence of radioactive cesium-137 (Cs-137), on concrete-lined, copper, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe, and possible decontamination approaches. During this study, conditions within operational drinking water pipes were simul...
Adsorption of Malathion onto Copper and Iron Surfaces Relevant to Water Infrastructure
(JOURNAL) [Published : Nov 01, 2017]
This study investigated the adsorption of malathion to copper and iron surfaces including pipe specimens similar to those in drinking water infrastructure.
EPA's Water Security Test Bed
(SUMMARY) [Published : Apr 18, 2017]
Technical Brief