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Modeling Fate and Transport of Arsenic in a Chlorinated Distribution System
(JOURNAL) [Published : Apr 05, 2017]
Journal Article
Using SCADA Data, Field Studies, and Real-Time Modeling to Calibrate Flint's Hydraulic Model
(PRESENTATION) [Presented : May 23, 2017]
EPA has been providing technical assistance to the City of Flint and the State of Michigan in response to the drinking water lead contamination incident. Responders quickly recognized the need for a water distribution system hydraulic model to provide insight on flow patterns an...
Enhancements to the EPANET-RTX (Real-Time Analytics) Software Libraries-2015
(SUMMARY) [Published : Oct 01, 2015]
Technical brief and software
Monochloramine Cometabolism by Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria. Report #4341
(EXTRAMURAL DOCUMENT) [Published : Oct 01, 2014]
Chloramine use is widespread in United States (US) drinking water distribution systems as a secondary disinfectant. In a recent survey of water utilities, 30% of the respondents used chloramines to maintain distribution system residual (AWWA Water Quality and Technology Division...
EPANET Multi-Species Extension Software and User’s Manual
(DATA/SOFTWARE) [Published : Feb 22, 2011]
Software and User's Manual
Formulation of Chlorine and Decontamination Booster Station Problem
(PAPER IN NON-EPA PROCEEDINGS) [Published : May 22, 2011]
Symposium Paper
EPANET Extended to Include Multi-Species Modeling
(SUMMARY) [Published : Jul 31, 2007]
Technical Brief