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Source Water Assessments

Community Involvement in Drinking Water Source Assessments
Fact sheet that provides an overview of how community members and civic or youth groups can help to identify potential threats to the quality of their drinking water and help local officials develop and implement a plan of action to prevent water quality problems (EPA 816-F-00-025).
Date Published: Unknown

Delineation of Source Water Protection Areas in Karst Aquifers of the Ridge and Valley and Appalachian Plateaus Physiographic Provinces: Rules of Thumb for Estimating the Capture Zones of Springs and Wells
Technical assistance document that provides an overview of some relatively low-cost approaches to delineating source water protection areas in karst aquifers. The document is specific to the Ridge and Valley and Appalachian Plateaus Provinces, but the rules of thumb might apply elsewhere.
Date Published: Unknown

Literature Review of Methods for Delineating Wellhead Protection Areas
Document that presents the results of a bibliographic search of the technical literature for publications, papers and other documents addressing the technical aspects of wellhead protection area delineation.
Date Published: Unknown

SWAP Memorandum from Tracy Mehan to the Regional Administrators
Memo to EPA Regional Administrators and State Associations that discusses the importance of timely state completion of source water assessments and EPA's role in supporting source water protection.
Date Published: Unknown

State Source Water Assessment and Protection Programs Final Guidance
Guidance that describes the elements of an EPA-approved state Source Water Assessment Program, as well as EPA's recommendations for what may be included in a state Source Water Protection Program. Also provides an overview of how source water assessment and protection integrates with other Safe Drinking Water Act programs and efforts and how other EPA and federal programs can assist states in developing and implementing assessment and protection programs, and vice versa (EPA 816-R-97-009).
Date Published: Unknown