Source Water Protection Publications Database

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Safe Drinking Water Act

Memorandum: Sensitive Data in Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) and Source Water Assessments
Memo that clarifies how to strike the appropriate balance between providing near-term safeguards in the current emergency and long-term public understanding to encourage participation in source water protection.
Date Published: Unknown

Safe Drinking Water Act, Section 1429 Ground Water Report to Congress
Date Published: Unknown

Source Water Information in Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) - EPA Guidance
Guidance that includes background information on source water assessments and susceptibility determinations referenced in section 141.153 (b)(2) of the CCR rule, a discussion of CCR rule provisions that require source water assessments, and examples of how a water system might incorporate the results of source water assessments into a CCR.
Date Published: Unknown

State Implementation Guidance for the Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR), Final Rule
Guidance for states on preparing consumer confidence reports (EPA 816-R-99-008). To view this final rule, visit the Office of Groundwater and Drinking Water Web site.
Date Published: Unknown