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General Publications about Source Water Protection

Annotated Bibliography of Source Water Materials
Comprehensive list of available materials on source water protection. Includes technical materials, outreach materials, guidances, fact sheets, reports, articles, videos, brochures, case studies, regulations and Web pages from 1984 to 2003 (EPA 816-F-03-010).
Date Published: Unknown

Consider the Source: A Pocket Guide to Protecting Your Drinking Water (Drinking Water Pocket Guide #3)
This guide provides states, local governments, and consumers with resources to enhance existing source water protection programs and future drinking water protection plans. This guide includes an overview of Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act based regulatory and voluntary resources, tools, management measures, and financing sources.
Date Published: Unknown

Source Water Protection and Underground Storage Tanks: Partnership Opportunity
EPA's Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water and Office of Underground Storage Tanks are working together to reduce the risks of underground storage tanks to drinking water sources. In a July 20, 2004, joint memo to Regional Water Division Directors and Underground Storage Tank/Leaking Underground Storage Tank Directors, Cynthia Dougherty and Cliff Rothenstein, outlined recommended actions to determine whether underground storage tanks are one of the risks to drinking water sources in their region and to coordinate work to make the best use of resources and increase public health protection.
Date Published: Unknown

Source Water Protection: Its In Our Hands
Full-color poster promoting source water protection (EPA 816-H-03-001).
Date Published: Unknown