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Work your way through the decision trees to determine the mitigation strategy that's right for you.

These interactive process decision trees were developed to help systems select the most appropriate arsenic mitigation strategy. The decision trees are useful in narrowing the field of available treatment technologies to those with the highest chance of achieving compliance in the most cost effective manner.

The trees are intended for use as an iterative tool. Users can work their way through the trees a number of times, modifying preferences and system specific circumstances. There may not be a single solution. Further cost evaluation and assessment of other considerations such as labor commitments, residual disposal, and available space, may be necessary.

Each tree includes references to specific sections of the Arsenic Treatment Technology Evaluation Handbook for Small Systems (EPA 816-R-03-014) which provide additional information on arsenic treatment, cost evaluation tools, and design considerations for specific treatment technologies. The Handbook is available for download here:

Download the Arsenic Treatment Technology Handbook (PDF) (151 pp, 2MB, About PDF)

The Handbook can also be found at or can be obtained by calling the Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 800-426-4791.

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