EPA's Report on the Environment (ROE)

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The nation's water resources have immeasurable value. These resources encompass lakes, streams, ground water, coastal waters, wetlands, and other waters; their associated ecosystems; and the human uses they support (e.g., drinking water, recreation, and fish consumption). The extent of water resources (their amount and distribution) and their condition (physical, chemical, and biological attributes) are critical to ecosystems, human uses, and the overall function and sustainability of the hydrologic cycle.

Because the extent and condition of water can affect human health, ecosystems, and critical environmental processes, protecting water resources is integral to EPA's mission. EPA works in partnership with other government agencies that are also interested in the extent and condition of water resources, both at the federal level and at the state, local, or tribal level. The ROE indicators address seven fundamental questions about the state of the nation's waters:

Recreational Waters: No ROE indicators currently exist for this question.