RBLC Data Entry

On-line data entry is only available to registered users (RBLC Editors) working for government agencies within the United States. If you work at an agency within the United States but you are not a registered RBLC Editor for your agency, or if you represent a Federal, provincial or local agency in Canada and would like to enter permit information for air pollution sources within your jurisdiction into the RACT/BACT/LAER Clearinghouse (RBLC), you may use a software program called the RBLC Standalone Editor (SAE). The RBLC SAE is a free computer program that you may install on you personal computer. The program is available in Spanish and English versions. The SAE allows you to compile and save permit information into a data base on your computer. When you have completed data entry for one or more permits, the RBLC SAE can create an upload file that can be sent to the RBLC as an E-mail attachment. The RBLC can then upload this file to the RBLC Web data base.


You may proceed to RBLC on-line DATA ENTRY if you are a registered RBLC editor for your agency, RETURN TO PREVIOUIS PAGE, or go to the RBLC Products Web page to download the RBLC SAE program and users manual.