Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA)

Diesel Emissions Quantifier (DEQ)

Logging in to the DEQ allows you to save and retrieve information for review and/or revision.

Information about Saved Projects

Updates to the DEQ may require you to re-run certain saved projects to get correct results.
  1. If you saved an all-electric or fuel cell replacement project prior to July 28, 2017, see the Upgrade section of the release notes.
  2. If you saved the onroad vehicles or upgrades below between July 27, 2016 and February 10, 2018,
    1. Your emission results may change when you re-run a project with these vehicles:
      • Short Haul - Single Unit (Classes 3, 4-5, 6-7, 8)
      • Short Haul - Combination (Class 8)
      • Long Haul - Single Unit (Classes 6-7, 8)
    2. If a vehicle above was upgraded with the following, delete and re-enter the upgrade.
      • Idling Control Strategies (All except "Other")
      • Fuel Options (All except "Other")
      • Vehicle/Engine Replacements (Diesel, CNG, LNG, LPG/Propane)

Use the DEQ without logging in