Post-Doctoral Research Program

Modeling the impacts of wildland fires on regional air quality

Project number:CED-12-16-2015-02
Brief description of research project:While the characterization of anthropogenic emissions of particulate matter and its precursor species in the U.S. has improved significantly, smoke emissions from wildland fires are still poorly quantified and have nearly doubled over the past 20 years. Furthermore, climate and forest management experts predict an increase in the severity and occurrence of wildfires, which could pose an increased risk from air pollution on human health and sensitive ecosystems. EPA is thus seeking to conduct research to improve the predictive capability of its air quality modeling tools and data to more accurately simulate the impact of wildland fire smoke emissions on regional air quality. The selected post-doctoral candidate will have the opportunity to work with a multidisciplinary team that is being assembled to investigate wildland fire smoke emissions, and in particular, to improve the functionality of the Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) modeling system to simulate smoke from wildland fires. Depending on the expertise and interest of the post-doctoral candidate, research areas could include emissions characterization of smoke, vertical allocation (plume rise) of smoke, fine-scale applications of coupled fire/meteorological/air quality models, and evaluation and application of regional air quality model output to assess impacts of smoke on human health.
Geographical location of position:Research Triangle Park, NC
High priority research areas:Supports research in the Air, Climate, and Energy (ACE) research program.
Scientific project area:Building confidence in multipollutant air quality modeling systems.
Educational requirements:Ph.D. in Physical/Chemical Sciences, Engineering, or a related discipline.
Specialized training and/or experience preferred:Experience with meteorological and/or atmospheric chemical transport models. Expertise in Fortran-90 and working in a Linux computational environment.
Projected duration of appointment:3 years
Paid relocation to EPA work location:Yes
Application Period Open Date:Dec 16, 2015
Application Period Close Date:Jan 29, 2016
Scientific contact/Principal Investigator(s)*: George Pouliot,, 919-541-5475
Thomas Pierce,, 919-541-1375

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