Post-Doctoral Research Program

Landscape analysis and predictive modeling of HABs risk and occurrence across the U.S.

Project number:WED-04-01-2019-02
Brief description of research project:We seek post-doctoral applications to work within an interdisciplinary project examining the links between watershed characteristics and cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms (HABs) in the western U.S. Cyanobacterial HABs are a growing problem the across the US. Oregon has one of the highest rates of occurrence of cyanobacterial HABs in the US, including a bloom that led to recreational advisories and a do not drink advisory for the drinking water system of Oregon’s state capitol city. This work will bring together existing monitoring data from the US EPA’s National Aquatic Resources Survey, the Water Quality Portal data which includes state and local data, together with spatial databases of the nitrogen and phosphorus input inventories and watershed characteristics. The work will move across scales, and the post-doc would develop modeling efforts to inform local to national management questions related to the occurrence of HABs.
Geographical location of position:Corvallis, OR
High priority research areas:Nitrogen Research Area 3
Scientific project area:Output 1: Provide tools, technologies, and best practices to predict, monitor, and manage nutrients in surface water and groundwater (Application of state of the science for nutrient management) Product: Watershed science to inform community nonpoint source nutrient management
Educational requirements:Ph.D. in agriculture, ecology, soil science, limnology, environmental or natural resources science, or related discipline.
Specialized training and/or experience preferred:Preferred candidate will have experience working with aquatic systems or at watershed scales; substantial experience working with large data sets; strong background in statistics; experience using GIS data to address watershed or groundwater systems; and experience with N or P biogeochemistry.
Projected duration of appointment:3 years
Paid relocation to EPA work location:Yes
Application Period Open Date:Apr 03, 2019
Application Period Close Date:May 02, 2019
Scientific contact/Principal Investigator(s)*: Jana Compton,, (541)754-4620

*This person/persons may be contacted for additional scientific information about this project. This person is not authorized to accept applications, make job offers, set salaries, establish start dates or discuss benefits. See general announcement for details on how to apply.