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Item Title Year Published
1 The fate of EDTA and DTPA in aquatic environments receiving waste waters from two pulp and paper mills / 1997
2 Sensitivity studies of the chemical scheme of the IVL photochemical trajectory model / 1996
3 Immobilisation of anaerobic microorganisms / 1996
4 Updating the chemical scheme for the IVL photochemical trajectory model / 1995
5 Sulphur and nitrogen compounds in air and precipitation in Sweden, 1980-1992 / 1994
6 Second generation abatement strategies for NOõx, NH3, SO2 and VOC / 1993
7 Multimedia environmental models (e.g. fugacity models) as screening tools, e.g. in connection with life cycle assessments / 1992
8 The EPS enviro-accounting method : an application of environmental accounting principles for evaluation and valuation of environmental impact in product design / 1992
9 Intercomparison of methods for the determination of mercury deposition to convention waters / 1992
10 Collection and analysis of trace metals in precipitation : Workshop : Report. 1992
11 Effects of nitrogen deposition on the acidification of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems : International Symposium on Acid Precipitation, Muskoka, September 15-20, 1985 / 1985
12 Changes in base cation concentrations due to freshwater acidification / 1982
13 Deposition and uptake of nitrogen oxides in Scots pine needles (Pinus sylvestris L.). 1982
14 Bacterial formation of sulphide from oxidized forms of inorganic sulphur. 1982
15 Stress in ecosystems. 1981
16 Definitions of relevant efficiency and stress factors. 1981
17 Traditional and new methods for investigation of impact in aqatic [i.e. aquatic] ecosystems by effluents from pulp and paper mills. 1981
18 Biological effects of three different shoreline cleanup methods. 1981
19 Deposition of particulate emissions from a smelter industry / 1979
20 Interaction of gases with sulphuric acid aerosol in the atmosphere. 1979
21 Linear plot of Brosset's function for the slope of Gran's plot : a useful method for simultaneous determination of concentration and pk-value of a weak acid. 1979
22 Oxidized nitrogen compounds in long-range transported polluted air masses. 1979
23 Method for determination of atmospheric ammonia. 1979
24 Relationship between increase in air-pollution toxicity and elevation above ground / 1977
25 Removal of algae in natural bodies of water / 1976
26 Report - Institute of Freshwater Research. 1957