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Item Title Year Published
1 United States Great Lakes program report on the Great Lakes water quality agreement / 1997
2 A Summary of contaminated sediment remedial actions in Region 5 of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency / 1992
3 The Defiance County Lost Creek demonstration project / 1987
4 Overview and evaluation of section 108-A : Great Lakes demonstation programs / 1986
5 An experimental study of lake loading by aerosol transport and dry deposition in the Lake Erie Basin 1984
6 An assessment of the impacts of water intakes on alewife, rainbow smelt, and yellow perch populations in Lake Michigan / 1981
7 Mathematical models of water quality in large lakes. 1980
8 Post-pluarg evaluation of Great Lakes water quality management studies and programs / 1980
9 Water quality planning activities in the U.S. Great Lakes Basin : a review of state and area wide agency five year strategies and work programs / 1980
10 Verification analysis of Lake Ontario and Rochester embayment three dimensional eutrophication models / 1979
11 Applicability of land treatment of wastewater in the Great Lakes area basin : impact of wastewater diversion, spray irrigation on water quality in the Muskegon County, Michigan, lakes / 1979
12 Impact of nonpoint pollution control on western Lake Superior : red clay project final report: summary / 1979
13 Red clay turbidity and its transport in Lake Superior / 1979
14 The Maumee River basin pilot watershed study / 1979
15 Phytoplankton composition and abundance in Lake Ontario during IFYGL / 1975
16 Wisconsin tributary loadings to the Upper Great Lakes / 1975
17 Saginaw Bay : an evaluation of existing and historical conditions / 1974