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Item Title Year Published
1 Technical and regulatory guidance for using polyethylene diffusion bag samplers to monitor volatile organic compounds in groundwater / 2004
2 Evaluation of streamflow requirements for habitat protection by comparison to streamflow characteristics at index streamflow-gaging stations in southern New England / 2004
3 Delineation of areas contributing recharge to selected public-supply wells in glacial valley-fill and wetland settings, Rhode Island / 2004
4 Technical and regulatory guidance for the Triad Approach : a new paradigm for environmental project management / 2003
5 Technical and regulatory guidance for design, installation, and monitoring of alternative final landfill covers / 2003
6 Technical and regulatory guidance document for constructed treatment wetlands / 2003
7 Munitions response historical records review / 2003
8 Accelerated bioremediation with slow release electron donors and electron acceptors : selected Battelle conference papers 2001-2002 / 2003
9 Reactive-transport simulation of phosphorus in the sewage plume at the Massachusetts Military Reservation, Cape Cod, Massachusetts / 2003
10 Water quality of selected rivers in the New England coastal basins in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, 1998-2000 / 2003