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Evaluation of X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis for the Determination of Arsenic, Vanadium, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury in Various Matrices. 1976
Exploration of vanadium region of western Colorado and eastern Utah 1946
Exposure commitment assessments of environmental pollutants volume 1, number 1, summary exposure assessments for lead, cadmium, and arsenic / 1981
Exposure commitment assessments of environmental pollutants volume 3, summary exposure assessments for copper, vanadium, antimony / 1983
Fate of Trace Constituents of Coal During Gasification. 1973
Feasibility of identifying mystery oil spills / 1981
Final Response to BDAT Related Comments Document. D009, K044, K045, K047, D011, P119, P120, and P and U Wastes. Volume 1-I. 1990
Fine-Particle Sodium Tracer for Long-Range Transport of the Kuwaiti Oil-Fire Smoke. 1993
Generation and Control of Air Pollutants from Orimulsion (Trade Name) Combustion. 2000
Health and environmental effects profile for vanadium pentoxide. 1985
Health effects assessment for vanadium and compounds. 1987
Human scalp hair : an environmental exposure index for trace elements / 1978
Initial Submission: Letter from Dupont Chemical to USEPA re: Summaries of Aquatic Toxicity Studies with Vanadium Hydroxide Oxide dated 03/27/1996. 1996
Instrumentation for monitoring specific particulate substances in stationary source emissions / 1973
Investigation of matrix interferences for AAS trace metal analyses of sediments / 1978
Investigation of the Combustion of Fuel Oil with a Vanadium-Containing Ash (Issledovanie Szhiganiya Mazuta s Vanadiisoderzhashchei Zoloi). 1971
Map of Colorado uranium and vanadium mining and milling activities 1978
Maternal - fetal tissue levels of sixteen trace elements in eight communities / 1978
Metal Particulate Emissions from Stationary Sources. Volume 1. Standard Sampling and Analysis Method. 1980
Metals mining and milling process profiles with environmental aspects / 1976
Methods of analysis by the U.S. Geological Survey National Water Quality Laboratory : determination of whole-water recoverable arsenic, boron, and vanadium using inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry / 2000
Mineral commodity summaries. 1978
Minimization of Interferences in Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Using On-Line Preconcentration. 1990
Multiparameter Oil Pollution Source Identification System. 1973
National inventory of sources and emissions : vanadium - 1968 / 1971
National Inventory of Sources and Emissions: Vanadium-1968. 1971
National trends in trace metals in ambient air 1965-1974 / 1977
No fear : a whistleblower's triumph over corruption and retaliation at the EPA / 2011
NTP technical report on the toxicology and carcinogenesis study of vanadium pentoxide (CAS no. 1314-62-1) in F344/N rats and B6C3F1 mice (inhalation studies) / 2002
Occupational exposure to vanadium. 1977
Parametric studies of catalysts for NOx control from stationary power plants / 1976
Polymer Film Standards for X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometers (Journal Version). 1988
Powerpoint Slides on the Findings from Studies on Bioavailability, Physico-chemical Properties, Irritation and Sensitization, Mutagenicity, and Acute Toxicity with Vanadium pentoxide(V2O5), Vanadium trioxide(V2O3), Ammonium polyvanadate(NH4V3O8), Sodium metavanadate(NaVO3), Vanadium(V). 2011
Precise Determination of Hydrogen in Metals (With Particular Reference to Zirconium) by the Isotopic Equilibration-Mass Spectrometry Procedure. 1971
Preliminary air pollution survey of vanadium and its compounds : a literature review / 1969
Preliminary environmental assessment of the CAFB / 1976
Preliminary Experiments with V2O5 and Cadmium. 2012
Preliminary Findings from In Vitro DNA Repair Functional Assays in Mice and Rat Lung Tissue Extracts. 2012
Preliminary Investigation of Effects on the Environment of Boron, Indium Nickel, Selenium, Tin, Vanadium and Their Compounds. Volume VI - Vanadium. 1975
Preliminary Results from an Acute Inhalation Study on Vanadium Tetroxide (V204). 2010
Preliminary Results from an Acute Inhalation Study on Vanadium Trioxide (V203). 2010
Preliminary Results from an Acute Inhalation Toxicity Study on Granular Vanadium Pentoxide. 2010
Preliminary Results from an Acute Inhalation Toxicity Study on Vanadium Trioxide. No Acute Toxicity Data Have Previously been Publicly Available for this Substance at the 0.5 mg/L Exposure Level in Mice, so these Data Represent New Information for this Substance. 2010
Preparation of standards for valence state measurement by x-ray fluorescence / 1980
Proposed best demonstrated available technology (BDAT). Volume 18, Background document for P119 and P120 / 1989
Radium, uranium and vanadium deposits of southwestern Colorado, 1921
Raman Microprobe Analysis of Stationary Source Particulate Pollutants. 1979
Record of decision : Kerr-McGee superfund site, Caribou County, Idaho. 1995
Region 3 GPRA Baseline RCRA Corrective Action Facility Merck and Company, Inc. 2005
Results of a 14-Day Repeated-Dose Inhalation Study in Rats with Vanadium Trioxide. 2011
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