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Occupational Vinyl Chloride Intoxication (O Professionalnoi Intoksikatsii Vinilkhloridom). 1968
On Pathology Caused by Wood (Sur la Pathologie Due au Bois). 1968
On the Action of Beryllium on Alkaline Phosphatase. 1950
On the Effect of Chlorine on the Female Organism (Ueber die Einwirkung des Chlors auf den Weiblichen Organismus). 1935
On the Formation of Peroxide Compounds in the Low-Boiling Fractions of Estonian Shale Tar (Ob Obrazovanii Perekisnykh Soedinenii v Nizkokipyaschikh Fraktsiyakh Estonskoi Slantsevoi). 1972
On the Influence of Low-Concentration Nitrogen Dioxide on Living Organisms. 1970
On the Question of Determining Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in the Air (K Voprosu ob Opredelenii Kisloroda i Uglekislogo Gaza v Vozdukhe). 1974
On the Question of the Mode of Action of the Bronchosecretolytic Agent, N-Cyclohexyl-N-Methyl-(2-Amino-3, 5-Dibromobenzyl)-Ammonium Chloride. 1974
On the Transformation of Picric Acid into Picramic Acid, and the Detection of Grape Sugar (Ueber die Umwandlung der Pikrinsaeure in Pikraminsaeure und Ueber die Nachweisung des Traubenzuckers). 1965
Our Aims for the New Year (Nashu Zadachi v Novom Godu). 1972
Particle Size Measurement by Photomultiplier (Kodenshi Zobaikan Ni Yoru Ryushikei No Sokutei). 1974
Pathways and Significance of Redistribution of Zinc in Patients with Chronic Pancreatitus (O Putyakh i Zhachenii Pereraspredeleniya Tsinka u Bolnykh Khronicheskim Pankreatitom). 1972
pH Meters (pH-Wert-Messtechnik). 1973
Photochemical Reduction of Zn-Etioporphyrin in Frozen Solutions; Structure of Reduced Forms (Fotokhimicheskoe Vosstanovlenie Zn-Etioporfirina v Zamorozhennykh Rastvorakh. Struktura Vosstanovlennykh Form). 1973
Photometric Determination of Thorium in the Soil (Fotometricheskoe Opredelenie Toriya v Pochve). 1971
Phytodermatoses Causes by Cyanophyta and Algae (Fytodermatozy Zpusobene Sinicemi a Rasami). 1974
Pike Perch Breeding in the Ponds and Small Reservoirs of Moldavia (O Razvedenii Sudaka v Prudakh i Malykh Vodokhranilishchakh Moldavii). 1962
Pilot Plant for Producing a Mixture of Crude Dicarboxylic Acids from Shale (Opytno-Promyshlennaya Ustanovka dlya Polucheniya Smesi Syrykh Dikarbonoykh Kislot iz Slantsa). 1971
Pollution of the Sea by Petroleum (La Contaminacion del Mar por el Petroleo). 1974
Polycyclic Aromatics in Surface and Ground Water (Polyzyklische Aromate in Oberflaechen und Grundwasser). 1974
Pools and Fluxes of Biogenic Carbon in the Former Soviet Union. 1993
Possibilities of Forecasting Pollutant Content in Urban Air (Nekotorye Vozmoshnosti Prognoza Soderzhaniya Primesei v Gorodskom Vozdukhe). 1971
Possibility of Chronic Manganese Poisoning Among Workers in Manganese Mines (K Voprosu o Vozmozhnosti Khronicheskikh Otravlenii Margantsem Sredi Rabochikh Margantsevykh Rudnikov). 1958
Possibility of Determining Maximum Doses of Carcinogenic Substances (O Vozmozhnosti Opredeleniya Predelnykh doz Kantserogennykh Veshchestv). 1972
Preliminary Laboratory Research in Experimental Brackish Ecosystems (Recherches Preliminaires en Laboratoire sur des Ecosystems Saumatres Experimentaux). 1974
Present-Day State of Industrial Hygiene Problems in Hydrometallurgical Production of Tungsten and Molybdenum Salts and Oxides (Sovremennoe Sostoianie Voprosov Gigieny Truda pri Gidrometallurgicheskom Sposobe Polucheniya Solei i Okislov Volframa i Molibdena). 1971
Price List for Installation of Equipment. No. 15. Equipment for Scrubbing Gases. 1971
Principles for Hygiene Atmospheric Pollution Standards. Chapter IX. (Glava IX. Printsipy Gigienicheskogo Normirovaniya Atmosfernykh Zagryaznenii). 1974
Problem of Selecting the Number of Sampling Points and Frequency of Observations of Atmospheric Pollution (K Voprosu o Vybore Kolichestva Punktov Otbora Prob i Chastote Nablyudenii za Zagryazneniem Atmosferei). 1971
Problems and Methods of Air Examinations over Extensive Areas. 1962
Problems of Epidemiological Evaluation of Water Contents (Probleme der Epidemiologischen Beurteilung von Wasserinhaltstoffen). 1974
Problems of Occupational Health with Regard to Polychlorocamphene Manufacturing Plants (Nekotorye Voprosy Gigiena Truda i Sostayaniya Zdorovya Rabochikh Proizvodstva Polikhlorkamfena). 1971
Problems of Occupational Hygiene and the State of Health of Workers Employed in Manufacturing Latex Polyvinyl Chloride (Voprosy Gigieny Truda i Sostoyanie Zdorovya Rabochikh, Zanyatykh na Proizvedstve Lateksnoyo Nolivinilkhlorida). 1965
Problems of the Recognition and Evaluation of the Effects of Gaseous Air Impurities on Vegetation. 1961
Problems of virology. 1957
Projection Methodology for Large-Area Residential and Transportation Emissions. 1976
Purification of Smokestack Gases of an Electrical Generating Station of Sulfur Dioxide Using the Magnesite Method. 1975
Purification of the Effluent Water in the Meat and Fish Industry (La Depurazione delle Acque di Scarico della Industria della Carne e del Pesce). 1972
Rate of Crystallization of Calcium Sulfate in Sulfite Liquor in the Presence of Seeding (Skorost Kristallizatsii Sulfata Kaltsiya v Sulfitnom Shcheloke v Prisutstvii Zatravki). 1970
Reduction of Microsomial Phospholipids in Experimental Cardiac Discompensation. (Heart-Lung of Rat Preparation). 1971
Relationship Between Air Pollution and the Health of School Children in Nagoya City. 1971
Relative Toxicity of Seven Oil-Spill Emulsifiers (Toxicite Relative de Sept Produits Emulsionnants Antipetrole). 1974
Removal of Sulfur-Containing Gaseous Compounds from the Stack Gases of Soda Recovery Boilers. 1970
Report of a Nationwide Survey of Photo-Chemical Smog Using the Morning Glory as an Indicator. 1975
Report of the Special Committee on Environmental Standards of Nitrogen Oxides and Other Pollutants (Chisso Sankabutsu Nado Ni Kakawaru Kankyo Kijun Ni Tsuite No Senmon Linkai Hokoku). 1972
Resistance of Perennials to Gases (Ustoichivost Mnogoletnikov Protiv Gazov). 1956
Restricting Dust Emission from Forced-Draft Boiler Installations, Capacity 10 Ton/Hr and Over, Hard-Coal Fired with Mechanical Grates (Staubauswurfbegrenzung Dampfkessel ueber 10 t/h Leistung Steinkohlenfeurerungen mit Unterwind-Zonenwanderrost). 1961
Restricting Dust Emission from Forced-Draft Boiler Installations, Capacity 30 Ton/Hr and Over, Hard Coal-Dust Fired with Dry Ash Removal (Staubauswurfbegrenzung Dampferzeuger ueber 10 t/h Leistung Steinkohlen-Staubfeuerungen mit trockenem Ascheabzug). 1961
Restricting Dust Emission from Forced-Draft Boiler Installations, Capacity 30-600 Ton/Hr and Over, Hard Coal-Dust Fired with Liquid Ash Removal (Staubauswurfbegrenzung Dampferzeuger ueber 10 t/h Leistung Steinkohlen-Staubfeuerungen mit flussigem Ascheabzug). 1961
Restricting Dust Emission from Natural-Draft Steam Generators, Capacity 25 Ton/Hr and Less, Lignite-Fired with Stationary or Mechanical Grates (Staubauswurfbegrenzung Dampferzeuger ueber 10 t/h Leistung Braunkohlen-Rostfeuerungen Feststehende Roste oder Mechanische Roste ohne Unterwind). 1958
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