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Nutrient, bacterial, and virus control as related to ground-water contamination / 1977
Nutritional Requirements of Marine Larval and Juvenile Fish. 1981
One-Generation Reproduction Study with Dioxolane in Drinking Water in Albino Rats Results of the F0 Generation with Cover Letter. 1983
Optimum Temperature for Growth of Juvenile Bluegills. 1977
Oral Toxicity of 1,2-Dichloropropane: Acute, Short-Term, and Long-Term Studies in Rats. 1989
Osmoregulatory Failure and Death of First-Year Largemouth Bass 'Micropterus salmoides' Exposed to Low pH and Elevated Aluminum, at Low Temperatures in Soft Water. 1992
Oxygen Requirements of Larvae of the Smallmouth Bass, 'Micropterus dolomieui' Lacepede. 1984
Performance of an Aquatic Multispecies System in Evaluating the Effects of a Model Microbial Pest Control Agent on Nontarget Organisms. 1992
Persistence and detection of coliforms in turbid finished drinking water {microform} / 1982
Phoxocephalid Amphipod Bioassay for Marine Sediment Toxicity. 1985
Physical and Chemical Control of Released Microorganisms at Field Sites. 1991
Pilot study of ambient air pollution and survival from cancer / 1980
Plasticity, Robustness, Development and Evolution / 2011
Poisoning by Organic Phosphorus Pesticides Potentiated by Phenothiazine Derivatives. 1962
Predictive Model of Conjugative Plasmid Transfer in the Rhizosphere and Phyllosphere. 1988
Preliminary Study Comparative Winter Survival of Fecal Bacteria in Subarctic River. 1974
Prognostic factors in cancer / 2001
Project Summary: Ultraviolet Disinfection of a Secondary Effluent. Measurement of Dose and Effects of Filtration. 1984
Proposed Biological Testing Methods for the United States Incineration-at-Sea Research Program. 1988
Protocol for juvenile Neanthes sediment bioassay / 1990
Protozoan Sources of Spontaneous Coliform Occurrence in Chlorinated Drinking Water. 1989
Quantitative Evaluation of the Effects of Human Carcinogens and Related Chemicals of Human Foreskin Fibroblasts. 1990
Quantitative Structure-Toxicity Relationships for a Series of Primary Alcohols in a Mammalian Viral Host Cell Reactivation Assay. 1993
Rat Sperm Motility Analysis: Methodologic Considerations. 1991
Regression Models for Cohort Mortality Studies. 1986
Regression on Medians of Probability Distributions. 1991
Regrowth of salmonellae in composted sewage sludge. 1987
Relation of Survival to Other Endpoints in Chronic Toxicity Tests with Fish. 1986
Relationships between Maternal Size, Egg Diameter, Time of Spawning Season, Temperature, and Length at Hatch of Atlantic Silverside, 'Menidia menidia'. 1987
Relationships between Temperature Units and Sensitivity to Handling for Coho Salmon and Rainbow Trout Embryos. 1989
Reliable, Efficient, Microinjection Apparatus and Methodology for the In vivo Exposure of Rainbow Trout and Salmon Embryos to Chemical Carcinogens. 1985
Reproductive Ecology and Spawning Periodicity of the Atlantic Silverside, 'Menidia menidia' (Pisces: Atherinidae). 1982
Research and development of a selective algaecide to control nuisance algal growth / 1974
Resistance of Perennials to Gases (Ustoichivost Mnogoletnikov Protiv Gazov). 1956
Resistance Patterns to Salinity and Temperature in an Estuarine Mysid ('Mysidopsis bahia') in Relation to Its Life Cycle. 1994
Response of the Phoxocephalid Amphipod, 'Rhepoxynius abronius', to a Small Oil Spill in Yaquina Bay, Oregon. 1986
Response of Turnips to Chronic Doses of Ozone in Open-Top Field Chambers. 1985
Responses of Airborne Biota to Microwave Transmission from Satellite Power System (SPS). 1984
Responses of Largemouth Bass from Different Latitudes to Elevated Water Temperatures. 1981
Results of an adaptive environmental assessment modeling workshop concerning potential impacts of drilling muds and cuttings on the marine environment 1982
Retinoic Acid Alters Epithelial Differentiation during Palaotogenesis. 1991
Retinoidal Benzoic Acids (Arotenoids) and Other Retinoids Inhibit In vitro Transformation of Epithelial Cells. 1990
Revegetating processed oil shale and coal spoils on semi-arid lands : Interim report / 1979
Review of Freshwater Bioassay Procedures for Selected Amphipods. 1980
Robust estimation of mean and variance using environmental data sets with below detection limit observations 2000
Role of sublethal injury in decline of bacterial populations in lake water / 1988
Salinity and Oxygen Tolerances of Eggs and Larvae of Hawaiian Striped Mullet, 'Mugil cephalus L. 1975
Salinity Tolerance of Young Topsmelt, 'Atherinops affinis', Cultured in the Laboratory. 1988
Science and survival. 1966
Seven-Day Life-Cycle Cladoceran Toxicity Test. 1984
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